Is It Wrong To Collect Action Figures?

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gundamcorps1985 | 05:08 Sat 05th Mar 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I'm 38 I collect transformers and other 80s 90s figures. My parents want me to give it up completely. They say it's childish. It gives me something to do and makes me happy. I got screwed over royal because of them. My dad's side disowned us my grandmother included. Plus they tried to kill me a few times, I have very mild brain damage from them. My dad refused to let us go visit her side and was very rude if they came to our house. I got very little in the way of birthday and Christmas gifts. My mom would get in trouble for buying my sister and I stuff, like taking away her car keys and debit card. Women may hate me for it, but I never want to get married. Am I wrong to do so?


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No, but is this a wind up?
//Plus they tried to kill me a few times//.......
Should have utilised the powers of the action figures Jo,,
are they mint & boxed?
Assorted flavours, dave, and extremely unboxed.

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Is It Wrong To Collect Action Figures?

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