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breadstick | 03:30 Tue 22nd Jun 2021 | Family
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It seems my 2 year old grandson doesn't like his dad anywhere near the same extent as his mum (my daughter)

He refuses to be comforted by him if he has a bad dream etc he goes to mummy with just about everything to the extent that he seems to push his daddy away

I feel so bad for my son in law he is a wonderful father to my grandson loves him to absolute bits and never shirks any aspect of parenthood and I even saw tears in his eyes when my grandson pushed him away

I never experienced this with my own children and was wondering is this just a phase?


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Hard to say. I favoured my father and that never changed. I did get on with my mum though but I probably pushed her away quite a lot. She was a great mum as well.

My sons favour me in the main although they get on really well with their dad. They're adults now though.
There is a term for this condition. It's called normal.
My boys have always favoured their mother but only for the reason that she is more likely to give in to them when they are after something. They often say to us that one or the other is our favourite child but I always reply with "I have no favourites, I dislike you all equally".
Quite normal for a 2 year old. Mine were the same but when she was frightened by an elephant at the zoo she practically jumped out of her Mum's arms and into mine, they just see different things in each parent, it will pass in time he just needs to carry on being a good Dad
Agree with previous posters, quite normal. It is known that fathers/daughters,mothers/sons tend to have closer relationships throughout life. No doubt a psychologist would explain. It is hard but tell your son in law to carry on as he is,being a great dad.

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