Likelihood of being pregnant?

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maillme | 17:16 Wed 22nd Sep 2010 | Pregnancy
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Hi All,

I'm sick with worry and so need to ask someone / anyone about this.

We had sex exactly 30 days ago, where I was inside my gf for no more than 20 seconds - I didn't ejaculate inside her - it was just heated moments that got too heated and careless I guess.

She is now 8 days late on her period; which isn't un-common for her when she has been drinking etc - which she has been.

Also, she took a pregnancy test this morning that showed as negative (although she did have a drink last night?)

Her breasts are sore just now - like they would normally get when she is having her period.

I know everyone is not clinicians / experts, but, what is the likelihood of her being pregnant?

many thanks for any replies.


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Very slim....very very slim..
slim but not impossible.

wait a week and get her to test again if she hasnt had her period.

and remember this fear next time.
I agree with ummmm.....very very slim.
The more she worries about that she might be pregnant, the later her period will be, just get on with normal life try not to stress out and her period will come.
Everyone has seemed to have offered you pretty good advice but I will try to put your mind at ease as to how the lady in question may be pregnant. Even though that time you had intercourse you did not experience the full ejaculation process it is very possible that were you was excited & as you put "heated" that you could have experienced pre ejaculation, this is were your penis discharges a see threw form of semen quite slowly perhaps before you both even began intercourse. This semen still contains active sperms. Hope I was of help & its good you are concerned & usually practice safe sex.
If her breasts are sore 8 days after a missed period, that's probably a sign that she's just a little late.

My periods are very regular, light and relatively pain free, apart from the old sore boobs in the run up to a period. However, my period this month was late and I was in horrendous pain with stomach cramps, etc., and the boob pain was far worse than usual. If the text is negative, I doubt very much she's expecting.
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he posted over a week ago, I'm sure he has a better idea by now :o)

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