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Absolutely no sex drive

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Velvetee | 23:42 Tue 24th Feb 2009 | Pregnancy
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Since hitting my mid thirties, my sex drive has all but diminished and although when in a new relationship, it's quite rampant for a while, the desire soon wanes.

I'm now pregnant, surprisingly so, as in the last year, we haven't exactly been like rabbits. Since becoming pregnant, I have absolutely no interest in sex. My Fiance, hoped that I would turn into a raving Nympho in my second Trimester, as that is what he has read, but there has been no change.

He is a very passionate person and is always up for it, but since I became pregnant, we have had sex 1.5 times and I have no desire to do it again, I can't bear to be touched and find it all very irritating.

Does anyone else feel like I do? Did your sex drive return after having your baby, or did the situation worsen?


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BOO it would dent my ego if my wife was 'irritATED' BY MY SEXUAL ADVANCES. I am very sexually active and want sex at least once a day. OK there are self help techniques but it does come to a stage where you NEED the real thing and if my partner doesnt care about my needs then why should I care about cheating on her?! she does have a choice.
Hiya velvetee. I went right off sex from about 9 weeks pregnant. I also waited (as did Mr lollyone) to become the raving nympho I'd been told I would...I did not! My daughter is 8 weeks old now and I think it seems to be on its way back. Slowly but surely lol!
Hope you're doing well otherwise hun x
What a thoughtful partner your girlfriend has poltergeist...
Ive got to say that sqds answers , dependant on what topic , seem to vary from elderly gent cant get out of a seat unassisted .
To thoughtful and concerned medical information.

To downright sexist and really quite sad comments.

Sqd are we still to believe you are in your 60s and sunning yourself in mallorca was it ?

Whilst you appear to be an authority on affairs and sexually transmitted diseases and on std clinics in the UK too ?

Are you divorced by any chance after a series of affairs?
You really are quite contradictory and do seem vaguely reminiscent of someone here though i cant quite put my finger on whom that was.

Or are you merely posting this to irritate or instigate debate?
Your answers seem ill informed , ill advised and also very negative towards relationships between men and women .In Fact if youre to be believed all men would just jump on any slapper or hooker as soon as the Mrs gets pregnant.Would that also include perhaps illnesses or not feeling like having sex?

Aren't you just projecting your own opinions and perhaps you are the type of man whod poke any old hole as long as he was offered?

I really do despair for you if you regard women as little as you appear to by your comments and also your opinion of men must come form the men you know ?In that case you hang out with some real sad and thoughtless men.

My opinion .
At the risk of making myself unpopular on AB : ) -

Very well said , Legend.
Question Author
Many thanks to most of your for your constructive, sensible comments and taking the time to reply.

I was quite surprised that some people find it amazing that women in late thirties and in their 40's can actually conceive. More women are having children later in life, due to having had career committments or not finding the right partner until later in life.

Perhaps it's a location thing. I know of or know at least 20 women who have had children in their 40's. I'm in the Southeast of England.
legendis.god....thanx, you have restored my faith that NOT all men behave like dogs.

There's more to a relationship than sex!
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Absolutely no sex drive

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