What do you do if your 4 year old cousin is going to die?

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jerry121 | 23:47 Fri 13th May 2011 | Family Life
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On Tuesday my 4 year old cousin went into the hospital because he had gotten shot by a drive by shooting and he is now on life support. The doctors told his parents that he may not live much longer and I just got the call early yesterday morning before my class had started at 9 am about him being in the hospital. I didn't even go to class because I was too upset to even think about him during class so I told my teacher and she said ok come back when you are feeling better and sorry for your cousin. I just hope he can make it because the last thing I remember him saying to me was on sunday when my mom's side of the family got together for mothers day and he said to me that he thinks of me as his big brother and that I am the only one that he talks to on the phone about anything and if he has no parents he want you to be his dad. When he had said that to me I started to cry and I gave him a big hug and said to him i'll always be there for you no matter what happens to you or your family.
Tuesday at 4 pm I just got a call from his parents and they said that they don't know if they should pull the plug because they think he had a fighting chance of coming back to life. The doctors said to them that he only has a 3 percent chance of living if he stays on life support and now the are asking everyone in the family on what they should do. I told them I don't know what to do in this situation.


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That is so sad. I cannot offer you any advice, I have never been in anything like your position. You sound like you are a great cousin to him and I really hope he pulls through x
Very sad!.............seems like his chance of surving ar very slim!..............bless him!......I would be guided by the medics!..................they know the best way to go!............not easy to deal with though!.................
Don't feel it's your decision to make. Spare yourself that burden. Support your family's decision, whatever it is.

Be strong for him, hold yourself together and treasure the good times you've had. Carry all the happy memories with you. Try to make sure you have photos or videos for the future.

Have you been to see him in hospital? If not, think twice about doing so. You could find it very upsetting and unhelpful in the current circumstances.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Good luck ...
Hug him hard and spend as much as time you can with him..for this would be the only best moments of his life if he considers you as a father.

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What do you do if your 4 year old cousin is going to die?

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