Oil Company Advertising Spend/Budget - Help!

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Info Freak | 09:53 Sun 23rd May 2010 | Business & Finance
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Hi All,

I I've been tasked to find out the total global advertising spend or budget for BP, ExxonMobil and Shell for years 2007 2008 and 2009.

As simple as it sounds it has turned into an impossible task.

Does anyone know any of these figures or at least where to find them? I have scanned their accounts and annual review but I've had no luck.

If not does anyone know what they have spent on television advertising.

I don't see why this has turned into such a tough task.

If this information really isn't available does anyone know why??

Any and All answers much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Info Freak


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It might be in their full annual reports (as opposed to the review)

If it's not available - commercially sensitive information that a rival could use to their disadvantage?
Typically, companies don't give out information that they don't need to by law (other than when it makes them look good, such as charitable giving). Giving anything away is helping the competition, so the competitors spend time and resources trying to find out what each other is doing.

You may be able to get some information in press releases about new campaigns, but that will only be a proportion of the total budget.
How about approaching the Chartered Institute of Marketing and aks them typically how much large companies spend on advertising as a proportion of their annual turnover.

This article may help give you a clue - it suggests 5 - 20% of turnover.

You can get the US data but it is only available on subscription between $300 and $600
a quick google has found a lot of answers through various financial papers and other interested organisations. Just google BP budget and you will find some answers.
At the end of the day, how much they budget to spend on these things is between the company, their suppliers and the taxman. It's nobody else's business and that's why you can't find it easily. If they don't want to publish it they aren't obliged to do so.

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Oil Company Advertising Spend/Budget - Help!

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