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working from home

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wolf63 | 20:56 Sun 24th Sep 2006 | Business & Finance
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I had to give up a "lovely" job in the civil service about two and a half years ago. I have a pension awarded on health grounds and this is topped up with Incapacity Benefit and income insurance.

I am now feeling a bit better (Bipolar Disorder) and want to get a part-time job but would prefer something that would entail working from home - at least some of the time. Apart from office work I have no hidden talents.

Has anyone any experience on working from home for companies. There is lots of stuff on the web about it, but does it work in reality? I only need to earn about �300 per month, and I need something reliable that does not entail selling.

Anybody head me in the right direction?


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Well not so much point you in the right direction as stop you going in the wrong one.

Most (well let's be charitable, many) of the home working schemes you see on the web are scams - they are designed to get you to pay money rather than earn it.

The more successful homeworkers build on one or more of the following:

a hobby or interest
skill or knowledge gained in a previous job
contacts from a previous job

Another thought is that trading on e-bay doesn't really entail selling - not in the sense you mean anyway. Build up a knowledge of some specialised item (say antique dolls but it could be anything) and capitalise on it.
A lot of 'call centres' are now run from peoples homes. I work for the AA from my home and there is no selling at all. I just do the breakdown calls. Alot of companies are going this way now as it is cheaper and more reliable.

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