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2 Pensions

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jess131 | 15:44 Mon 20th May 2024 | Business & Finance
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I have 2 private pensions, 1 with around £7k and the other around £150k.

If I take my 25% tax free allowance from the £7k one, will i still be able to take 25% from my £150k at a later date?



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No expert but can't believe you couldn't. Both would have the same percentage applied to it surely. Just be careful about shorting yourself in the future. Been media articles saying many are at present.

If you had £157,000 in one pension you could take 25% tax free. Same as if you split it in the way it is. 


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Me again, i have decided to take the 25% from my £7k pension pot. I am not touching the other pension with a different company but do I need to let this company know that I have taken my 25% from my other pension. (2 separate pension companies)

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2 Pensions

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