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Jeremy Hunt – Inflation Is A Tax

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Hymie | 10:25 Sun 19th Nov 2023 | Business & Finance
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He said that on the Laura Kuenssberg programme a few minutes ago – why would a government appoint someone to the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer who knows nothing about finance?

If I was wealthy enough to need a financial advisor, and they believe inflation to be a tax, I would be very worried about my investments – the people of the UK should be equally worried.



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Well it is the same effect as tax, that's what he meant.

It's obvious what he meant, but some of course will pretend not to. I guess you're not a fan of  linguistic devices like metaphors, hyperbole and personification.

11:53, now you've confused him!

Question Author

So what is the government spending all that tax they get through inflation on?

Blimey, you need your mate ScruffyPhil on this one.

Have a day off hymie for gawd sake! He means inflation errodes available money the same way as taxation does. You can't possibly be this thick.

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If I pay tax, then it (the tax) goes to fund projects for the good of the whole populous – if there is no money paid to the government as tax as a result of inflation, any comparison with tax is a nonsense.

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You would be more correct to say that inflation is robbery, it certainly isn’t tax.

It's called an analogy, Inflation behaves like a tax to the consumer. That's the point he was making and you are eaither trying to deliberately not get it so you can spin it for your own agenda or you really are as dim as you come across.

Oh he MEANS, it's an analogy, a metaphor, hyperbole.

Isn't this sort of thing usually shown on the side of slab-sided person transporters?

Having your cake and eating it again troops?

// it's an analogy, a metaphor, hyperbole. //

in the same way that the Haper/Merriman Network North fantasy wishlist was "only indicative"?

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Jeremy Hunt – Inflation Is A Tax

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