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kanwal3017 | 09:15 Sun 03rd Jul 2022 | Business & Finance
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My mother recently passed away. In the will the property goes to my father, her husband. After my father the property goes to the two sons. This is all in the will. However my brother recently married again. Is this new woman entitled to anything. Can she get a share of my brother’s share?


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Its his share so its up to him & he if he gives her any. Do you mean if they later divorce?
You get your share, he gets his. He decides what to do with his share, as do you.
Sorry for your loss.

The money goes to your brother and what is his is hers in marriage and he can leave in his own will as he wishes.
Was it the brother who recently divorce Ed?
It depends what's in your father's will. The hour is now his, so he can do with it whatever he wants I clouding selling g it and spending all the money on a round the world cruise, leaving you all with nothing on his death
Assuming your father is still alive that is :)
Do you not get a share?
As has already been said, your mother's Will will no longer be valid after her estate has been distributed and your father inherits her estate.
However, if your mother Will stated your father was to enjoy only a life interest in the property then different rules apply. Can you clarify?

If no life interest then on your father's death the property will be distributed in accordance with his Will or the rules of intestacy if he doesn't make a Will.
Barry has it I think
I think the father has it for life and so the mother's will is still valid and the brother holds half

and so if he marries , then the wife has an interest - which is presumably the house value ( with tenant)

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