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smurfchops | 21:09 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | Business & Finance
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Can someone please tell me why hotels in UK are so short staffed in their restaurants since Covid? Where have all the staff gone and why are hotels struggling so ?


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Not just hotels, bars and restaurants are struggling to find staff, too
Brexit deported many such staff, nothing to do with Covid
\\ Hotels and restaurants across Europe are struggling to fill hundreds of thousands of vacancies, raising fears that they will be unable to cater for tourists returning after the pandemic.//
The Times,May 20, 2022.

Brexit works both ways, vulcan: European businesses can't get British staff either.
Absolutely Brexit. My sister runs to hotels, and she said that they were all sent home to their home countries.

After that, nobody wanted to work in the hotels.
jno, they talk about hundreds of thousands missing, those sort of figures wouldn't be sought just in the UK. Anyway, it's a worldwide problem.
\\ The global hospitality sector employs around 30 million people in seasonal positions, and many of these will seemingly go unfilled as employers struggle to tempt workers back after the pandemic.//
Low wages doesn't help either.
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Canary can you justify your 'deported' claim??
Was they deported or did they just decide not to apply to stay
I don't see that the industries have any excuses. Management is there to anticipate and manage issues, not to screw up and complain. Same for the air industry, airports and airlines. All wanting to blame their incompetence on someone else. If you need staff offer an attractive package and go hire.
None has been ‘sent’ home, they chose to leave. Probably because they could see the writing on the wall. Unfortunately food and beverage careers are still largely seen as menial jobs in the Uk and attract poor wages.
vulcan, there seem to be 150,000-200,000 missing just in the UK (estimates vary).
I think that's what vulcan was saying...but similar problems exist in usa and in Europe. Brexit is a factor but not the main one...thers so many better jobs available worldwide now many people no more want airport baggage jobs... fruit picking.. care jobs or hospitality as its hard work and low pay and they found other work when laid off with covid

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