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HFJL2020 | 14:21 Fri 09th Apr 2021 | Business & Finance
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is bit coin all a con i was thinking of trying it


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What do you know about it?
try it and see
Henry, you've asked this a number of times.

As you aren't conversant with it then best left alone.
not necessarily a con but very unpredictable and you really need to know your stuff if you want to spend money on it. I wouldn't bother. (And in fact I don't.)
Motto...never get involved in anything that you don't fully understand.
This must be at least the tenth time you've asked this, Henry!

Investing in any form of cryptocurrency is effectively gambling. You can make big gains but, equally, you can make big losses.

Bitcoin has been a fantastic investment (= gamble) for people over the past year but many experts fear that the bubble might soon burst, with it's value crashing down dramatically. So there's a hell of a risk involved in investing in it.

There are many other cryptocurrencies which you can invest in. If I was going to chance my money in such a way, I'd steer clear of Bitcoin and invest in either Litecoin or Ethereum.
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ta for info its only 250 quid
//its only 250 quid//
A small fortune to a lot of people.
Henry - & with respect to Buenchico - just because he said he *might* invest, doesn't mean you *should*. I'd steer clear, personally.
Amazon were offering shares in their company for an investment of £250 which might be a better investment than Britcoin.
Only £250!? If you've got disposable cash and want to waste it, go ahead. Personally I wouldn't go there.
>>> its only 250 quid

That precise figure worries me. It's exactly the amount I've seen investors asked to pay by some 'investment firms' that I wouldn't touch with an infinite number of the proverbial bargepoles. Their ads typically turn up on websites that are packed with advertising from Taboola, et al. (e.g. the Daily Mail website). Whatever the fortunes of Bitcoin might be in the future, I definitely wouldn't invest through one of those firms. There's a high risk that they'll just disappear, taking all your money with them.
not a con as such but look up "The South sea Bubble" or "the Dot com bubble" - that may help your thought process.
Henry, try it, you are determined to whatever advice you are given
I tried it. £250 turned out to be registration as following week I was asked for additional £500 & an agent. Agent asked me to choose to invest in Sugar or Oil - I chose oil & received a graph of oil prices - losing investment. Told agent didnt want oil so then I was offered Rice or Tea; more graphs received. I cancelled as it was too complicated & got my £750 back after 2weeks from enlisting. Keep away as its just a swizz imo.
Bit coin, as said earlier is a gamble. (although ensure you are investing in bitcoin and not one of the many scams).

So, like with gambling, if you are happy to loose the money then go for it, if not hang onto it or pop in in a unit fund/share isa if you want a halfway house.
p.s. My bank account was scammed soon after. Bank blocked account, credit card cancelled & new cc supplied.
ppps. They request copies of passport, cc, driving licence & proof of property ownership - BEWARE!
Hope this works


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