'Look After My Bills'

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granny grump | 12:10 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | Business & Finance
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Has anyone used this company to lower their bills. If so what was your experience and would you recommend them?


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I have , and I get an email each month to tell me I'm on the best Tarif for my duel fuel , if not they'll tell me of a better one
Their most recent reviews on certainly aren't great (although their overall score is quite high):

Mixed reviews on TrustPilot:

You have to remember that they only check out the prices of firms who're prepared to pay them a decent amount of commission for getting customers to switch to them. So there might be firms who can offer you a lower price (possibly such as Octopus) who'd they'd never switch you to.
Thanks Chris, well that's them dumped now :0/
I wouldn't recommend them because they don't compare with every supplier, only those that pay them commission.
The Money Saving Expert's similar service does compare the whole of market

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'Look After My Bills'

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