Where I Can Earn Money Using What I Have ?

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anthonytaylor | 20:16 Tue 19th Jan 2021 | Business & Finance
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Hi, I have twenty dollars spear of my money and I want to buy a video game that costs way more than that. if anyone knows a way to get more money using what I have, answer me with a comment.


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Mug someone? Better to learn to live within your means.
get work and save your pay?

Get work with the manufacturers and be paid in kind?

Win a lottery?


Write reviews for a publication that tests new videogames?
If you have $20 spare wait until more spare money comes your way.
All of the above seconded
Get a weekend job, ask your parents, sell some of your stuff on e bay.
You could consider what self-employment options are open to you, such as washing cars, providing an ironing service or babysitting.
Wash cars, run errands, clear snow, do shopping for people .... how many more options do you need? Just earn it. Local shop may need deliveries doing.
On the assumption you're a kid, get a paper round, or see if your parents will pay you to do some extra chores?
Wasn't a similar query made recently? Someone else who was trying to figure out how to get money.
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Where I Can Earn Money Using What I Have ?

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