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bubs02 | 19:28 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Business & Finance
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My trust fund settled 28th oct but havnt got money yet any ideas thanks


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bad luck Biubs
no I have no idea why your trust settled but did nt pay
one day later seems a little - - - early to receive funds

I think your first stop is Natwest
Are you talking about a child trust fund?
Some replys here.
It was only yesterday. Wait till tomorrow then chase them up if your still waiting
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Yes trust fund
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Yes it was sold 22 nd oct and said be settled 28 th oct but will it take 3 days to clear from 28th dont know its my daughters she dosnt have a clue about anything to do with it and allways on hold for 30 mins never gets anywhere then gets cut off
well 3 days from 28th is not today!
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I know that im wondering if it will take 3 days just want to help her as shes abit thick lol
well in all honesty you also sound a bit thick
Did your son get HIS NatWest trust stuff sorted?
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I dont understand trust funds either and i do have learning disabilities so maybe i am my daughter his autistic and thought we might get some answer on here as thought answer might have some clever people on that know about these thinks
Not sure if you are aware about this Covid thing ?
A vast amount of people are not at work and many buisnesses are running on a skeleton staff. This will mean that processing things may just take a little longer !
Bubs02, I was thinking that if your son had already had problems, you'd maybe know how the timescales worked, any difficulties that were likely to crop up and so on.
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No my sons hasnt but his was problem with id as never accepted. So had to re do his but my daughters was all done professionally. As she gets lot of help. So dont think thell made a mistake. My son did his him self and teacher. Its been a while now but got them 2 dates from them. When sold and settled wanted to try and help without her getting stressed about it all thanks guys for help and sorry if afendedcanyone
ok well if you have been told that it will take 3 days from the 28th to get the money in your account then you take 28th and ADD 3 days. 29, 30,
if it's 3 working days though you need to discount weekends, so you'd be looking at 2nd november
I assume you have sent off the the valid payment form and are not just expecting it to mature and pay out. If you have, Nat West say to allow 8 working days.
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I just thought it might take 3 days. As read it somewhere im notsure i just thought someone might know. Thanks
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Thankyou ubasses been a good help thankyou
You are welcome.

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Trust Fund Natwest

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