Would An Irish Passport Benefit Me With Brexit Situation

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pumpjack | 12:38 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Business & Finance
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How to spending some time working in Ireland south of Ireland that is I live in the North UK confusing I know lol

given the current situation with a border etc etc would I be better off renewing my Irish passport

will it make any difference at all


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ask someone in northern ireland
I'm certain there are some NI residents who contribute here.
Whether you renew a passport or not only makes any difference if you intend to use it for the purposes of travel. After 31.12.20 an Irish/Eire passport confers rights on the holder which British passport holders will lose at that point. Outside Ireland/Eire your rights are proven with the presentation of a passport, but within the country you will be able to establish your rights by other means. If you also have a UK passport then within the UK your Irish/Eire credentials will be seen as secondary - unless you choose to present yourself primarily as Irish (hiding your UK nationality).

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Would An Irish Passport Benefit Me With Brexit Situation

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