Credit Card Been Tampered

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newbie99 | 16:07 Fri 20th Dec 2019 | Business & Finance
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We received our company credit card and the side of the envelope had been cleverly slitted to opened and tampered with the card.

Can the person who tampered the card do anything with it? We have not reported to the bank. Just to see people's view here.


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Yes. They can use the details to order things online once the card is activated.
Report it to the bank, get the card cancelled and replaced before anyone starts spending your money. Card could have been cloned as well.
These days cards need to be activated on line, or used with the pin before they can be swiped or used on line. However as a precaution, ring you Bank and let them know, the result will probably be card cancelled card and new one issued.
eek! Why haven't you reported it to the bank????
ubasses, I don't think that you need your pin number to use on line, although you do to use a cash machine.
No you don't need PIN to pay on line, but if the card has not been verified on the Bank's web site or used previously with the PIN, the on line transaction will fail. (as I found to my cost last month).
The bank issued me a card and I used it on line straight away without any bother.
Perhaps it is only my Bank that has that safeguard, as soon as I authorised it and repeated the order it went through.
Yes, probably banks have their own safeguards.
It could have been cloned so I`d cut it up and ask for a new one.
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Thanks for all the advise.
Yes we have initially phoned the bank and they said it will be okay NOT to cancel it. After posting here with the advice, yes we have cancelled it now. I suspect it has been cloned as it has been discreetly opened.
Too bad for Royal Mail to have such employees.
Whilst you don't use the PIN online you do use the 3-digit code on the back. If they've managed to read that they can order online using it, perhaps waiting a week or two to make sure you've authorised it.

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Credit Card Been Tampered

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