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Old Pay Slips

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genie123 | 18:01 Fri 27th Apr 2018 | Business & Finance
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Retired over 10 years now, how long do I have to keep old pay slips?


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I can't see any reason for keeping any unless you want one as a keepsake
Shred them.
I only keep the P60s at year end
You don't anymore as I am sure if you had a query over your pension you would have raised it by now
Even 10 year old P60s have little point in being kept.
I agree Hopkirk. I just have around 6 years with of p60s, and i only keep those because I have so many employers/small pension income sources and so tax affairs are not as straightforward as when someone has just one employer
Question Author
Thanks everyone, out comes the shreaded!
I kept most of mine, which was extremely useful when I realised I'd been (accidentally) underpaid for about 10 years.
The only one I've kept was my last when I was medically retired. Biggest one EVER! (For me, anyway)
"Even 10 year old P60s have little point in being kept."

Considering events of the past week or so, I expect there are a number of the 'Windrush Generation' who would love to have a series of payslips or P60s dating back to the early 1970s.
I have never kept a payslip but I still have the first Tuppence I earned.

Picking snails from our neighbours vegie garden. Hard work it was, those little suckers moved fast ;-/
Keep them if you are a Windrush child. You never know!!
Supersonic snails oz? Or lethargic nipper? ;o}
I refuse to answer that question Boaty on the grounds that I may incriminate myself ;-/
Now why was I expecting that mate! ;o}

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Old Pay Slips

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