I have 3000 french franc notes circa 1990s. Where can I get these notes changed?

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brenda43 | 08:08 Thu 20th May 2010 | Personal Finance
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You might have left it late. I think there was a time limit.
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I have just found the french notes behind the Encyclopaedias, thanks Moriarty! Looks as though I found the money too late!
I'm not sure though....

There use to be a charity that took old money. That's why I was thinking it's too late.....the bank changed it for them because they were a charity.

I wonder how much it would have been worth...

Don't know if this is genuine but it might be worth a look.
I think you can still change them, but maybe in France only.

If you've got a few notes, that could be worth a little bit, so I would find out if I were you.
There are only 5 specific types of French Franc banknote which are still redeemable (until 17th February 2012) for Euros by the Banque de France...

20 francs (1980 Debussy)
50 francs (1993 St Exupéry)
100 francs (1997 Cézanne)
200 francs (1995 Eiffel)
500 francs (1993 Pierre et Marie Curie)

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Thank you DavetheDog and ABerrant and all the others who took the trouble to inform me what to do,( I apologise for my slowness in replying to your kind messages),

I am now contacting the Bank in Paris to change the French Francs.


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I have 3000 french franc notes circa 1990s. Where can I get these notes changed?

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