Complaining about harrassment by a creditor

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little_fish | 01:50 Sat 22nd May 2010 | Personal Finance
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I checked the OFT website and it's not helpful/clear about submitting a complaint about a creditor who keeps calling with a false claim, threatening legal action and continuing to call every few days even though I've told them to stop. they say "It's our legal obligation to inform you of teh status of the legal action against you". I respond with, "stop calling and take the legal action then, because you haven't got a case."

I'm not concerned about my situation, but wonder how widespread this intinidation is and whether the OFT don't do enough to make it easy for the public to complain.


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You can also subscribe to BT's Call Barring service to stop calls from the creditor's number.

If as you say it's a false claim, they may be committing a criminal offence. A solicitor or the CAB (the latter is free) could advise you on this.

And yes, it's widespread. The OFT isn't a lot of help when it comes to individual cases.

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Complaining about harrassment by a creditor

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