Onwards & Downwards: August 2020

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ABSpareEditor | 14:58 Mon 03rd Aug 2020 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Hi all,

Here is last month's thread.

Has your weight been up like the temperatures outside or has the heat reduced your appetite?


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Cheers SpEd.
6 of 1, half dozen of the other. Like a roller coaster.
Up :-[[ Thanks for August Ed.
Good morning all, down and about time!
How about you?
Will be a while before I'm in a position to check. Thinking positively though.
You keep those positive thoughts going OG! That makes you a nice person to be around.
Well; I'm definitely a round !
Struggling, boredom and depression are both problems at the moment. Bored out of my brain too depressed to do anything mostly going back to bed and sleeping between snacks.
Oh dear Rowan.....the Corona blues have hit you good and well. What worked for me, might sound stupid, but was buying some nice cheery coloured knickers. I never dreamed that they would make me feel so good.
How about forcing yourself to start some exercising at home. Nothing spectacular, maybe some stretching and flexibility stuff. That tends not to need equipment. It'd give you something to take your mind off the snacks & naps. And as a plus, you get fitter/healthier.
Excellent suggestion OG. It also gives you more energy which will lead to a happier feeling.
Good morning all,

Down a bit but it’s not consequent and I know why....too much lovely summer fruit. Slap slap. Oh yes and ice cream....AND it’s no fun because you have to eat it so quickly before it melts all over you.
I've just done OH's lunch...

Homemade Thai green curry and boiled rice.
2 bananas
Jelly with fresh strawberries
Large yogurt with fresh strawberries
2 biscuits
4 bottles of water

He's still the same weight as when we were at school....
Up 1.6 lbs since I last weighed :-(
Well, lost the .6 anyway ;-)
Ice lollies taste so good in this heat. Need I say more :-((
Surely ice lollies are low in fat.
I used the wrong word...I eat the sugar free ice creams
Oh. I was thinking we're all doomed :-)
I’ve lost about half a stone by having grapefruit for breakfast instead of toast and cutting down on wine.
Well done you cloverjo. I have a grapefruit for dessert after dinner.

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Onwards & Downwards: August 2020

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