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Onwards & Downwards: June 2020

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ABSpareEditor | 11:06 Thu 02nd Jul 2020 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Hi all,

Here is last month's thread.

Covid-19 restrictions have eased slightly, so we are able to be more active. How has this affected your weight loss and dieting?


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ.'re a month behind, Ed.
Cheers SpEd.

Not affected much at all.
Was about to say that !
No doubt Eds can alter titles ;-)
Nothing has changed for me. I have a few living in my house who are really going to struggle losing the extra pounds though. Eating habits are hard to break.
I've lost 3lb since last Monday last. I've also gone back to a meat and dairy free diet.
Wish I could get my meat and dairy for free.

Have lost a bit of late but unsure why. Not as much as 3lbs in a few days though.
xstitcher Good morning all, oh dear, it’s about 15+ years since I’ve been in the UK so my heart started beating double time when I saw that my favourite and only type of crisps were now made here. My helpful self discipline did a walk about. They arrived yesterday and I ate the whole bag and guess what, they didn’t taste nearly as good as I remembered them to, so that temptation no longer exists. Whew, narrow escape!
Hmmm... was up quite a bit yesterday from the last time I weighed: and according to the scales up almost 1lb over the last 24 hours too. Can't understand why.
Good morning all, just heard on my morning radio that people who eat very little meat and dairy products live the longest. Hmmmm. That’s good news for you Tigger.
I used to go to Slimming World a few years ago. Then stopped. Was clearing out a cupboard yesterday and found my old members book. Looked at my weight in it and I’m 3 stone lighter now!! I don’t really eat meat, have gone off hot food really tbh. Live on yoghurts, protein shakes, and cereal really. Yes I’m a nightmare to cook for lol
Hmmmmm Good morning all. I didn’t weigh myself today and the reason is that I had a BIG and I mean really big round birthday on Monday. It’s a week of food that should only be in my dreams.
Darn it. Up again. Although I have minimal control over my food's calorie and fat content these days. It did drop back slightly over the last couple of days though.

A week of food on a single Monday ? That's going some ;-)
Who said that I stopped on Monday! Haha
Good morning all, FINALLY I can report a loss of two doing my best to keep it up"
And I've put 2lb on :-)
Goodness ummmmm. I didn’t sent them to you....honest!
Down so little it hardly recorded. Still; better than up again.
I’m wondering what to do about exercise. The Times yesterday said cycling is not particularly effective with weight loss. I hate running. Is there anything that strips fat from you?
Walking, Jo. It's the easiest as well.
A few years back I spent two weeks in a hotel which had lots of steps and slopes and hills. All manageable, even for unfit people. The difference in my legs within 2 weeks was quite remarkable.

Do you drink alcohol?

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Onwards & Downwards: June 2020

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