Slimming World Red & Green Plans ?

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cleoval | 18:45 Thu 11th Jul 2019 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Hi I am going to do the slimming world diet, the old red & green plans myself in the house. Is this correct? On the green plan you can eat as many potatoes & pasta as you like and on the red plan, fish & meat. Thanks.


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Red and green days were removed from the SW plan 2 years ago.
Red day's were focused on protein foods, like meats and fish, along with fruit & veg, but with a restricted amount of pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.
Green days were where you could eat pasta rice and potatoes (plus fruit & veg), but a restricted amount of meat and fish.
SW are into 'food optimising' these days:

Free recipes for 7 days here:

The NHS Weight Loss Plan might also be worth looking into though:

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Slimming World Red & Green Plans ?

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