Onwards and Downwards April 2012

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AB Editor | 09:24 Tue 03rd Apr 2012 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Onwards and Downwards Continues in April

Sorry we are a bit late this month busy, busy, busy!

I have noticed quite a few new members over the last couple of months so welcome to you all and we are glad to have you here to help and be helped:

JimJools, maggibee, notafish, daffy654, lillymoon, jules001, spotit3 and maidup

if I have missed anyone I apologise.

As the days are getting longer and warmer does anyone find it a bit easier to be good and eat more fruit and veg and not pile up on the stodgy food that is so tempting in the winter months?

Here is last months thread


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Morning Ed

Even though the warmer weather is coming, I will still be tempted by the home made cakes and choc. I will always be tempted by it, its the resisting the temptation thats hard. Stodgy food in itself I can do without
Morning Ed...hope you're well.

I seem to eat the same all year round...salads in winter...soups and comfort
foods in the summer. Depends more on my mood more than time of year.
Thanks for the new thread Ed. You really do look after us well and we appreciate it.
Question Author
Happy to help x stitcher.
Thanks from me too Ed.Been in here a long time along with Xstitcher who started all this 2 years ago and if I hadn't kept with it I am sure I would not have lost weight. So Onwards and Downwards.
I am afraid I am like Thotherhalf I just cannot resist anything when I am out. That is why I say if I don't buy it I can't eat it because if it is in the cupboard it worrys me till I eat it. So any choc and biscuits I have when my Grandson is here I make sure he takes it home with him.
Thanks Ed from a newbie.
I do eat more salads in the summerbut still have a sweet tooth for fancies. Having said that, this site has been a great help to me. I did a lot of baking yesterday as I had a crowd of people in last night who all look forward to my home made goodies. I actually managed to get throught the night without eating any myself and managed to give the remainder away so that I wasn't tempted as I was very aware Wednesday weigh-in was coming up.
I joined WeightWatchers 2 weeks ago. Flippin hard! I find it really restrictive and difficult when I`m working. I`ve lost 4.5 lbs though so I`ll keep going.
I have gained another pound this week, again it is despite having no treats whatsoever. I have cancelled my diet program with Tesco Diets and am just going to eat healthily and exercise as and when I can.
I was actually eating a lot more on the diet than I ever have before and got told off by them on a daily basis if I ate less, it got to the point where I had started to tell them I had eaten what was listed even when I hadn't. lol
Hi Daffy these Tesco diets don't suit everyone . I am sure you will do much better on healthy eating and tips from some of our ladies.

Welcome 237sj that is a good loss for your first 2 weeks.
I would like to join in if that's ok.
My GP referred me to see a dietitian on the NHS and my next appointment with him is later this month but I know I haven't lost any weight.
The thing is I know what my problem is and there is nothing he can do to help me so I'm hoping for some advice on here please.
As Wendilla said earlier, I can't resist anything when I'm out shopping especially bargains.
I cannot go in the supermarket without looking at the reduced section and I always end up buying something that isn't on my list i.e an unhealthy choice.
Also like Wendilla, if it's in the cupboard I have to eat it so buying Easter eggs for the kids has resulted in me eating 1 large egg and contents plus a bag of mini eggs.
Any advice would be most welcome.
Hi Miss Prim and welcome. I took a wide berth from the eggs yesterday not buying them till nearer the time say Sat and if I eat them my poor gransons wont have any on Sunday.
It is not easy when you have children.
My only advice to you is write down everything that you eat each day as this helps you to sort out your shop for the followi ng week. I have a glass of unsweetened grafefruit juice each morning as this helps to break up body fat. Eat frenty of fish and chicken and veg. but do have the odd treat . My downfall is bread buscuits and cakes. So I don't buy cakes but I have cut down on bread by having french toasts which I can only get from Tescos but I did find another sort called crispbakes from b and m's if you are near one of them.
There are a lot of us on here with different ideas so I am sure some will come back with some more.
Yes there is a B&M near where I live so will look for those.
The thing that is worrying me is why I have taken to eating things so quickly.
This is one example.
Last week I went shopping with a friend and we both bought a packet of scones that were reduced.
We went back to her house for coffee, I left my shopping in the car and we had 2 scones each with butter and jam.
We had 2 'cos we thought they were a bit small!
By the time I went to bed that night I had eaten my packet of 6 scones making 8 scones in a matter of about 6 hours.
Last night I ate a full 195g packet of Cadbury Mini eggs, ( the ones with the sugary crispy shell)
No idea why I have started eating like this. Is this what they mean by bingeing?
I can understand what you are doing but cannot understand why as I have done it myself but I just have to say no to myself.Then pick myself up and start again..I call this the devil telling me to eat it as Xstitcher will tell you and he has to be shunned and you have to listen to the good fairy.
I picked up a packet of those 2 for a £ doughnuts .I walked round Morrisons with them in my trolley and I kept thinking I should not have done that so I put them back.
Well Im afraid Im going to have to say it. We are all MAD for dieting. That stands for Motivated And Determined. I want to be good today as I dont want to stay on the naughty step. So Im going to have a MAD day today and tomorrow before weigh in time. Its Zumba tonight, so plenty of exercise to get my metabolism going
I had plenty of time for thinking on the flight down here on Friday and this thought struck me as being a very big truth......Whenever you start a sentence in your head like this..........I will just have will usually form a sentence that is very detrimental to loosing weight eg I will just have one tiny taste of cake, I will just have a small portion of ice you see what I mean.....Now the problem is how do we stop these thoughts becoming actions?? I'm sure that what you ate Miss Prim all started that way...I know the best thing for me to do is give myself a loud NO and go and try and do something that will make me think of other things and then give myself a big pat on the back for avoiding the temptation. When you acknowledge that you have won that round you will be less likely to fall into the pit right away. It's all about taking one small step at a time, planning healthy meals, not having goodies in the house, don't shop when you are hungry if you can avoid it, don't make excuses when you give in, just get determinded and focused again. That's enough for this time. Onwards and downwards......
Thanks for all your advice. I have been seriously thinking about shopping online and just buying what I need, then I will be unable to be tempted by those pesky reductions.
Failing that I will have to have more willpower.I know I have willpower, it's just learning how to put it into practice.
Hi all- missed not having a thread and realised how much its helping my motivation. And thanks for the welcome too Ed.

MissP - been there. I think there are some of us who know better but cannot do better. I had a bit of a problem with food and still do, but at the moment I'm fighting it. My problem was my obsession and love of it, especially the bad stuff. I'm not sociable enough to join a slimming club but in joining this thread and I've managed to change my attitude. Most of all though, I've decide to do it for myself.

No more cakes, biscuits or sweet things instead I'm eating a yoghurt or having a skimmed milky drink or a grapefruit juice. I've also found myself saved by ricecakes. At 30 calories each you can afford a scraping of jam on them and the sweet tooth is satisfied.

The better weather definitely helps and it gets me out for a walk now and then but I'm still no good at any other exercise. I'm hopeful for a small loss at weigh in tomorrow but know what I need to do if not, and thats to get moving. Not easy for fat old me!

So Onwards and Upwards everyone and a bunch of daffs for all losers tomorrow!

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