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bemore | 05:55 Thu 08th Jan 2009 | Relationships & Dating
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Are there any single ladies in the derbyshire area????


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I'm sure there are one or two.

Question Author
Well........... a 28 yr old male, living and working in derby. Looking for someone special to share my life with.

lol -
i only clicked on here to give john oshea and kuszacak some stick...
Good luck. This site is full of nutters though :-)
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lol @ no.know
Well Hi.

I'm single
Question Author
Hi Barney.

Do you live in Derbyshire???
Have you had enough of the sheep bemore?:-)
bemore, this site can't help because.....

a) the average age on here is 84 (apart from me)

b) people come on here as part of their therapy before they are considered for release into the community

c) everyone on here has a physical defect, including speech impediments, missing limbs, lobotomies etc

d) we are all sad, but not so sad that we live in derbyshire
Question Author
Ha ha ha ha whats wrong with derbyshire????

Fool : )
lol Mrs O
I knew a girl from derby.


Yep i did .

D T H ?�
good lord man - you've been flogging this dead horse for ages.. just go out and meet people... I hear Flares is the place for a Fridat night.... ;-)
whats RIGHT with Derby? Last time I went out in Derby for a night out it was FULL of MUNTERS!! No wonder the blokes interfere with sheep!!!!
football team needs a good kick up the jaffa's
even if there was a single person on here from Derby do you really think there'd be intrested in anyone whose asked this dopey and sad question.

you sound really lonely and desprate which is such a turn off
Question Author
I split up with my missus before xmas.

Whilst going through the net I thought it would be funny to post this, I aint relying on it so OLDGRAPE keep your damned opinions to yourself you bitter twisted raisin wannabe.
I don't think that being abusive to the regulars on here is going to help you in your quest.

Also this is not a dating site and no personal details are allowed to be displayed on here.
Your best bet is to find another site that specialises in dating.
Sorry, that I can't help you any further.

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