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he gets my name wrong!

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sara3 | 20:21 Wed 25th Jun 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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I've been seeing a man for about 7 weeks. my name is Sara (rhymes with Lara) but three times (so far) he has called me Sarah. I'm seriously p***ed off, especially as he knows it is something I hate.

forgiveable (again) or not?


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I get called all kinds of things on here...who cares....ur lucky if that's your only problem!

Dont respond if it offends you so much! He'll soon get the is after all only a short relationship. Make or break time? U decide.
Hi Sara. There are choices here! If you really like him a lot, you won't really let the difference of an H come between you. If you aren't that keen, you can always tell him where to go. And by the way Juggerling, are you sure you didn't have a slight 'thing' for your teacher who made you shiver when she said your name wrong.........? Nuff said!
my ex boyfriend, Pencil Dick, was always calling me Jane instead of Jayne.

It used to annoy me.

As did his modestly sized whanger.


Wed 25/06/08

not sure what your problem is sara
my wife sometimes gets my name wrong
and cnut ,tw@t, fo0ker sounds nothing like Peter

20/10 Best answer....................!
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well you guys are (mostly) very amusing. thanks for your advice.

and the verdict is.... I've told him in no uncertain terms that if he does it again he can take a walk.

it is early days but I do like him. however, if he has to go, he'll go...

.. and he'll be damned sorry then!
Tie breaker question Sarah (sorry, Sara)

Has he got a biggun?

If he's well hung, frankly it wouldn't matter if he called you Keith

Question Author
dunno Jayne, but fair point. (no pun intended!)

I decided to take it slow as I wasn't sure how I felt about him, but he is growing on me. we met through a dating site and the 1st obvious thing was that he lied about his height (although I think he is in denial, rather than lying!) and he knocked a year off his age.

but I like him. he makes me laugh.. fortunately :o)
Good for you, Sara!

The people on here that say it's just a name, does it really matter clearly haven't had their name mispronouned on a regular basis.

My christian name ends in 'ey' and the amount of people that pronounce it 'ay' bugs me a lot too, I totally know where you're coming from.

I think the Pavlovs dogs idea is a great one LOL x
People are often mispronouncing my surname, but that is forgivable, I can see why people would be unsure. To start with.

But to repeatedly forget someone's first name is unforgivable, especially after 7 weeks of knowing them at a personal level.

I would have given him the elbow by now, you are far too lenient. In fact I would do it retrospectively anyway.
you could make it a bit light hearted and sing that irritating song by the ting tings if he does it again !
Ditch him

I'm a much better catch
-- answer removed --
you could sing that song by the ting tings and make it light hearted !
I got an easy answer - I just call em all precious.
Maybe he wants to end it and so does it on purpose so that you dump him and save him the emotional effort.
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RevFunk, explain yourself!

Octavius, he is grovelling sorry.. bouquet of flowers sent to work!
Don't be annoyed, it's an easy mistake to make. I went to school with a girl called Sara Cliff, but for years called her Sarah. Many people think Sara is Sarah, but with the "h" missing.
Could be worse, you could have a user name like noknowledge !
I have a mate called Vicky, and she gets people (even some of her family members) calling her Victoria! but that's not her name, it's just Vicky!!!! On her birth certificate is Vicky. Not Victoria. How hard is it to get someones name right!!!! I know how you feel. My name is easy to say, but has an unusual spelling and NOONE gets it right! it's so annoying!!!! Rahhhhh! lol

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he gets my name wrong!

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