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he gets my name wrong!

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sara3 | 20:21 Wed 25th Jun 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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I've been seeing a man for about 7 weeks. my name is Sara (rhymes with Lara) but three times (so far) he has called me Sarah. I'm seriously p***ed off, especially as he knows it is something I hate.

forgiveable (again) or not?


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If he can't be bothered to know how to say your name honey, dump him quick. He is obviously totally self absorbed. Find someone who is worthy of you. XX

Bet he forgets the "3" on the end of your name, as well.

Question Author
thanks, and you're probably right!
if you are a Sara then you are a Sara, not an Sarah..

I used to be very close to a Sara (not you is it?) and she hated being called Sarah, if he can't tell the difference he may as well call you Michelle (or whatever!) makes no difference.

have you made it clear you want to be called Sara and Sarah is not the same name?

if you have and he still does it, get rid off!
he need to be spanked harder, then he might remember the spanking and call you by the right name. lol
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is it me?? I don't recall a chuckfickens!

he is very, very sorry and sent me flowers today. he knows it's Sara, and he is under no illusions that Sarah is acceptable, but I guess there are many more Sarah's out there so it's easier said.. but surely not when you're supposed to care about someone.

if I had some obscure foreign name I'd expect him to make an effort to get it right.
Dont be a snob......lots of people drop their 'Hs'!
Question Author
it's not snobbery, it's my name!

I don't go around calling Mike "Mark", or Robert "Robin"!!

it's just a common courtesy getting someone's name right, especially in a relationship.
hehe, my names not Chuck!!

Seriously you say if it was a really obscure name you had you'd expect somebody to get it right, why shouldn't you expect him to get a slightly different version of a name he knows correct! as you say, if he cares he should get it right.

Sara Cox probably hasn't helped you by swapping to Sarah half way through her career though.

Question Author
you're right. there are some Sarah's out there who spell their names Sara.

I could slap their parents.. stupid stupid people!
stick by your guns and insist on being called Sara (I think it's a much nicer name.. no offence intended to any Sarah's)

if he really can't grasp the difference then he's not making a big enough effort! and probably isn't worth it!
I once had a cookery teacher (a right royal dragon too - well, it was the late 1960's when teachers could be dragons) who used to pronounce my name with a long *a* instead of a short *a* like what everyone else did..... Even when I (nicely) told her it was pronounced with a short *a* she declared that she had never pronounced it that way and had no intention of starting then.... doh ! I have never, ever (this is like 40 years later) heard ANYONE pronounce it in the way she did.... and the thought of it still makes my spine tingle and shiver.. lol
Out of curiosity....Can I ask what the difference is, phonetically?
Sorry, English isn't my first language!
Question Author
Sara rhymes with Lara/Tara/Zara

Sarah rhymes with fairer (and isn't my bloody name!)
same question i want to ask too :$
Juggle, I know, and sympathise how it can annoy.. you know my surname and the amount of people who insist on trying to put a L after the first letter and say it like that still shocks me, and really annoys me!!!

grrrrrr :)
Oh...Ok! thanks! See, if it had been me, you'd have been "Sara" regardless! lol

I always tought people who pronounced it "Say-rah" had a different accent! lol I wasn't even aware there were two ways to pronouce it.
Chuck, you wanna know how many people can't pronouce my surname? I'll tell ya now...All of them! lol ;O)
Just punch him in the balls everytime he says Sarah. Problem solved.
lol! Just like dogs really, the Pavlov reflex!

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he gets my name wrong!

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