Date From Hell

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Purple_Popple | 22:51 Sat 26th Jul 2014 | Relationships & Dating
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Not long arrived home from a first date with a chap who told me he had been banned from driving until November. We agreed to meet in a bar and when I turned up he was halfway through a pint (no problem there), but 2 hours later he had downed 6 pints, told me his last g/f beat him up and asked for a lift home (no I didn't drive him home) !
That's 2 hours of my life I will never get back.


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>>>I have stabilisers

We all know that you've got stabilisers, Gness. (How else could you stay upright?) But has your bike got them too?
Course it does, Chris...and an engine and a horn....we can play tunes a we whizz home....☺
>>>Well I'm wondering if Purple fancies double dating...if we can find two chaps

I thought that we'd already agreed to meet in the Old Cannon, Gness? ChuckFickens lives fairly close by, so I feel sure that he could join in the fun.
We've pulled, Purple!!! Get the glad rags on......☺
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This section is not chatter bank!
My friend had a date like that - from internet dating. Or rather it wasn`t a date because the guy turned up on her doorstep *** as a fart. The next date wasn`t much better but at least he was sober.
>>>This section is not chatter bank!

. . . but it tends to go that way when someone starts a thread with a 'question' which isn't one! (i.e. you can't expect a serious answer when there's no question to answer in the first place!)
sorry, PP, you're quite right, but it did sounds like a CB sort of question and I didn't notice that it was somewhere else.
Date from hell? You must be. But there's a boot for every foot so don't give up. One day you might meet someone as po-faced and self regarding as you appear to be and you can spend your dotage grumbling and looking down your noses at all and sundry.
In a good mood today, svejk? ;o)

You have been beaten up by your previous girlfriend, banned from driving but things were looking up.
You had organised a date with this "likely chick" and when you met her, she turned out to be ...Purple_Popple from AB.
Sqad...naughty ! Lol x
You hang on in there PP, someday your Prince will come.
I went on a disastrous first date just over ten years ago, We are now very happily married, X
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///This section is not chatter bank!///

Speaks volumes !
What's it saying, Baldric?

Displays a complete lack of humour imho,

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Date From Hell

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