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Is going celibate right?

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MsAngel2012 | 15:41 Mon 10th Sep 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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I recently decided to go celibate until I find the right the guy. I'll admit I've slept with a few too many guys but I was only chasing love and affection and thought I could only get that through sex. I realised what I was doing to myself and that it was very un healthly I come from an emotional abusive household which affected the relationships I've had. I finally realised what I was doing to myself having sex with these guy made me feel wanted I eventually got counselling which made me realise why I did it and that what I did wasn't my fault I didn't know any better I had no idea about relationships . I had to learn a lesson the hard way which as made me a lot wiser. I decided to go celibate recently I want sex to feel much more special and bonding with someone but I don't know if its the right thing to do.


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Probably a good idea if the sex you were having was making you feel bad about yourself.
I was celibate for a time once - quite happy I was with it too .... !
I wouldn't be.
yes, it will change how you "chase love and affection" which after your experiences could be a good thing!
Tony...where were you at confession time ????...:(
Probably better to chase love and affection, rather than sex and infection.
very good M-T.

a clever use of vocabulary.
In bed minty, on nights this week.
if you are making bad choices that make you unhappy, then yes celibacy is probably the way to go.

take some time to be happy within yourself before looking for a relationship
who's bed Tone ?..if it is that Lady J or Albs or Gness..I will be very very cross with you !!!
It's not mine, I can assure you.....
LOL, hadn't got the energy at 6am this morning, minty.
Errrr....this isn't CB so these answers won't make sense to MsAngel.
Tone don't lie
It's interesting that you seem to divide your life into its previous period - unsuitable siex frequently, and it's porposed future stage - no sex at all.

might it not be better to simply consider sex as part of a fulfilling relationship?

That way, sex will occur only when it feels right for both partners, and you will be having sex for better reasons - as an expression of feeling, rather than looking for some nebulous and elusive personal vindication.

For that reason, I would be wary of saying to yourself - much less anyone else that tyou are celebate - which infers a lifestyle choice that is not for discussion.

I think if you make a decision that sex in a relationship will occur if and opnly when you decide that it is right for you - then that will lead to a more mature, safe, and happy way to be in any relationships - sexual and non-sexual - in the future.

Simply deciding to abstain from sex because it is not been a good experience for you is closing the door on a valuable part of life and love - and with some care and attention, you can find both - and the sex - in a proper partnership.

Hope you find a solution that works for you.
It should really be on a CB thread - shall I raise one?
Yeah, good idea, DT.
I presumed Angel meant temporary celibacy. Establish a relationship before having sex instead of having sex hoping for a relationship.
Question Author
I did mean going celibate until meeting the right guy and establishing a relationship just wanted some good opinions on it.
I think it's a good idea.

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Is going celibate right?

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