Gel or Acrylic Nails ?

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smurfchops | 20:06 Mon 07th Mar 2011 | Body & Soul
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My nails are strong but tend to break low down at the sides. At the moment they are a decent length but one has broken really low - a middle one. I am going to have one gel nail put on and the whole lot manicured and varnished. Is the gel nail likely to last as long as acrylic ? I have had acrylic in the past and I dont want to start that whole process again. Will the one gel nail be OK until my nail grows, and is there anything I can use on nails which have started to break down low, before they break right across and I have another short nail ? Oh what problems us women have .....


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1)in my experience, yes
2) yes
3) no in my experience
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Thanks bednobs, short and sweet, I knew someone would answer immediately ! If I could make a product that would mend broken nails I would be a zillionaire. Even superglue doesn't hold for long.
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While we are on the subject, does the girl have to file the whole of the top of the nail (which makes my teeth go funny) before applying the nail, like they do when I had acrylic nails ? I hate that.
when i had mine done, yes. It has to be roughed up so the gel/acrylic will stick
Wont the one gel nail look a bit odd, as they are thicker than nails?
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Don't know puma, I will see tomorrow .. I won't have it done if it looks odd. I am having my little toes done as well ... about time they saw the light this year and the sun is out so Fit Flops on and off I go. Saying that I hope the sun is out tomorrow and no rain, I dont want to smudge my toes in boots afterwards..
I have had my nails "done" for over 20 years, every now and then they all are taken off and my own nails are left to "breath" for a week and what a sorry sight they are all damaged, ridged, and really awful & and they dont grow they keep breaking off and are extremely brittle, my advice to you is dont have them done you will regret it in time, if you are having them done for a wedding or special occassion get them off again as quick as possible.
I've heard eating a cube of jelly a day for a year can strengthen nails but don't know if that's an urban myth or not

(It helped my nails tho)

A friday night with dipping nails in some sort of lotion (donn't know, my aunty did it) and buffing up helped her nails look and feel strong and long
Agree, dee sa - my nails are weak in the first place so I add false ones for special occasions, but otherwise the adhesive really wrecks the original nails, they need to breathe.

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Gel or Acrylic Nails ?

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