'On the wagon' observations

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Answerprancer | 23:21 Mon 07th Mar 2011 | Body & Soul
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I've decided to take a break from the sauce. It's been nearly one week so far and I've not touched a drop.
Normally I drink either a bottle of wine every evening or three tins of strong beer/cider.
I must say, the only differences I've noticed are that I feel slightly more mentally agile,
I felt a bit 'hyper' today and I'm having some trouble sleeping. No shakes or hallucinations though (I think that only happens coming off higher doses).
When will I start feeling the benefits ? I'm feeling a bit short changed.

Aff tae buy a tin o Irn Bru the noo !


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I found I was surprised that I could wake up feeling really well.

Also I get less nasal congestion since I cut right back on the sauce.
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do you not crave alcohol at all ? how long did you have a bottle of wine a night ?
You need to be aware of two potential pitfalls. The first is boredom. If you spent the evening having a few drinks a sober evening can seem like an eternity. Find something that interests you to fill the time.
The second is anger or frustration. It's too easy to say to yourself: Eff this(whatever this is) and storm off to the pub or the offie.
I drank slightly less than that every day for years.....stopped overnight and have to say that I don't feel any different.
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Ah yes Hopkirk - that's one thing I've noticed. My sleep patterns are still a bit screwy but I feel more alert and awake during the course of a day than I did last week.

TWB - I cycle, though not as much as I used to. I had planned to get back into it.

Yes Anne, I crave it - though not unbearably. I would start off with a tin of beer typically at about 10pm, then move onto the wine which would be all gone by about midnight.

Thanks Sandy - I did this the last time I kicked it (for two months) and got into building model planes. I definitely have a hint of the "eff this" but it just makes me dig my heels in - I hate being thwarted.

Woofgang - another difference here is that I am fairly 'slight' so I guage my intake a bit lower than the typical bloke..
ap, do you plan to stop using alcohol for ever, or just a break from it ?
Question Author
My plan is to stop for a while, then if I decide to go back, stick to a much lower intake eg. one or two tins every other night rather than every night, or nothing until the weekend maybe.
I'm wasting my life and the drinking is just part of it - got to get out of this hole I'm in.
You'll be fine -I am sporadic -dont generally drink during the week or even the weekend my husband is away.If I feel like have a few glasses I will.
Dont put too much emphasis on the fact youre NOT drinking cos that will tempt you.If you didnt have any shakes (for the banned rubberneckers) then you arent physically dependant -its just a wee habit.
Stay off as long as you want but if you feel like having a beer have one -it seriously isnt a 'big deal'.You will have fabulous sleeps though mmm mmm mmm -thats one of the reasons swerving it doesnt bother me..;) scottish?xx
Question Author
Yes TB, though my accent wore off a few years back as I live south of the border.
wen u wer aff to get sum bru i thought so LOL xx
We crossed posts there AP but that was what I am kinda suggesting -dont think about ti -if you want one have one.You dont have a physical dependancy so its just a habit -just have a wee break.Get some Irn Bru in man ;)
got to be fat bru though!!

or some robertsons red kola...mmm
Question Author
Well, habit or addiction or whatever, I think a break followed by either moderation or total abstinence will do me some good - I feel it in my slightly less pickled than normal waters !
I shall take up incense burning and listening to soft music as a replacement ..maaaan :-)
ap. did you feel tipsy with a bottle of wine in 2 hours................ i may add i am in no way judging you , just interested
Question Author
' Mildly numbed ' is the level I'd aim for Anne - niether stotting peshed nor unaffected, somewhere in the middle and definitely able to function, probably without it being detectable in my speech or movement.
I gave up drinking very early in life (when I hit 18) as I didn't like to lose control of situations, but also because I have a problem with doing anything in moderation.

Giving up drinking (and smoking) must be very difficult and I applaud you for your decision to cut down.

I drink Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi and find that if I cut down I get 'the shakes'. I love the stuff and usually give in and start guzzling it again.

Good luck in your attempt to sort your life out - mines could do with a major overhaul too. Maybe I could write a book - "How to totally waste a life".

The benefits are subtle and you probably won't even notice them for months until you really compare things. I was a very heavy drinker, and kicked the psychological dependancies ( drink, drugs, smoking) all in one go some long years ago and now find myself able to have a cigrarette or not or have a drink or not- and to me that's worth the world, the freedom is fantastic. Other things like improved general health are a given, but so subtle you'll likely not notice them.
As others have said, if you are an every day drinker then it will take a while before your body get's used to managing without. When you decide to go back try and give yourself severel consecutive days of nothing every week. Eg I drink nothing from Monday to Friday night(barring special events), often omit Sunday too, that way your body get's used to going a noticable time without it and sleep patterns will be fairly normal. The one day off one day on routine will lead back to drinking daily. Try and exercise on the non drinking days too, that will help. Good luck!

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'On the wagon' observations

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