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CailinDeas | 01:47 Wed 20th Oct 2010 | Body & Soul
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When do you think is an appropriate length of time for a widow to start dating again after the death of a much loved husband?


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It depends when her heart is ready.
When she meets the man that makes her feel that she wants to...

One it :-) xx
Two perfect answers IMO.
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Is less than a year too soon? Is dating someone just a way of coping with the awful loneliness, while having no real interest in the new man?
No...It's not too soon. Give it a fun fun. Would your husband want you to be unhappy??
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Yes - but there is a certain guilt.
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when you're ready, a date eases loneliness and just natural companionship but keep off Liam Neeson - he's mine :)
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I prefer genteel more than lascivious
Apparently widows/widowers from a truly loving relationship are far more likely to get into another relationship within a short time. They realise the benefits of being with someone and are happier within a relationship so they choose to find one sooner rather than later or not at all as opposed to those who have been in an unhappy marriage and are happier to be alone. So it is a testament to how good your relationship was that you are keen to share that closeness with someone else again x
Getting into another relationship is an indication that the marriage was a very happy one.

Do be careful though. Paul and Linda McCartney had such a wonderful life together. Sadly he had no idea what he was getting into with a gold digging b1tch like Heather Mills.
Go with your own gut feelings, if you feel you want to get out and have fun, then do so, you should not feel guilty. And dont let anyone tell you its bad! xx

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