I'm so angry

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pastafreak | 12:54 Fri 01st Oct 2010 | Body & Soul
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Since Lil Pasta went to Oz,we've kept in touch almost every day...even if only a text.
I just heard from her,and she says her dad has hardly been in touch....
This is a man who does not understand why she tells me things and not him...........go figure..;-0

Add this to the fact I feel as is winter is closing in early-and I am not a happy bunny.... ;-(


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take comfort from the fact that as you freeze your offspring is warm and probably having the time of her life
13:04 Fri 01st Oct 2010
I think that it is a 'guy' thing. I only have my wee brother left and he stays in Nottingham (the wrong side of the border). If he got off with it he would phone me once a month and only if he really had to.
I'm not great for keeping in touch. I speak to my daughter mainly on FB...
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pasta, we have two boys who both live miles away. i'm always the one who picks the phone up to them and dials. it's not that himself doesn't love them, he does and we have a great relationship with our kids, but he just wouldn't think of doing it. and when i do ring then, he often won't speak to them himself and says i can always tell him their news. i do think it's a bloke thing, although maybe it would be different if i wasn't around.
as long as you're doing what you're doing then i wouldn't worry, lil pasta knows you care about her and that's what's important for you.
can't help about winter closing in as i feel much the same :(
My OH was same while a workaholic.

Pass this site to your d'ter & fix a waive

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Haha...had to give you 'best answer' vibes...but I do know she is having a good time,and her BF is there with her.
It's just the ignorant male I have a problem
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Will pass that on tambo...tho it's still a bit chilly there....she says the weather is very much like here in Plymouth.....poor girl...
not is Brisbane then - tell her to get up there, to the Gold Coast - gotta visit Tamborine Mountain !
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I realise that maybe I've been spoiled by my elder brother. He and I always keep in touch,and he's a pretty intuitive person-not afraid to get emotional.....must be our Italian blood... ;-))
U go on and on about him, for all sorts of reasons and he cannot put his side of the story.

Men, by and large DON´T communicate, but can see, relatives or friends after years of not being in communication and when they meet, they carry on as if nothing has happened. Mrs sqad is in communication with family and friends on a weekly basis......I am NOT and like you she can´t understand it.

Men, on the whole, don´t need the feeling of the umbilical cord still being attached.
I should have been a man....
Hiya pasta.

Does lil pasta get in touch with her dad, or does she leave it to him to make contact? Just a thought ... he might be complaining that he never hears from her.

As has been said before (and it applies to my OH too) .... lots of men don't go in for chats/phone calls etc, but that doesn't mean they don't care. It's a man thing.
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Hi mrsC....lil pasta has often said that she finds it difficult to relate to her dad...and consequently does not confide in him the same way. So-it may be so that she does not contact him either as much as she should.

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U go on and on about him, for all sorts of reasons and he cannot put his side of the story.

Do I really 'go on and on'..??...well-Ill just need to keep my mouth shut when you are about...won't I???
Oh no!!!! the world will end.....I agree with sqad.....PANIC!!!!!!!
Sqad .... why so crabby? Pasta does not go on and on about him. In fact I'd say that it is very rare to see him mentioned at all!
pasta main thing is you have a good relationship with her, re the cold wet dark nights, oh i wish i could hibernate, in some ways i do, good luck
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Anyone notice how sympathetic the men are on here......? all heart,some of them...;-)
You must be missing Lil Pasta terribly, hun. At least she knows her mother is missing her, even if her dad can't be bothered to get in touch. x x
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Thanks Nom...I do (but not her mess!!)

And tony-I don't..I know there's lots of good guys out's just that some have poor people skills!! ;-)

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I'm so angry

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