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China Doll | 09:54 Fri 21st May 2010 | Body & Soul
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Morning All,

About six weeks ago I did something rather painful to my hip/groin area (after a very busy afternoon of lying in the park reading the newspaper!) and since then I've not gone to the gym at all. I think I'm just getting to the point where I can start going swimming at least but I certainly won't be weight lifting or doing any body combat in the foreseeable future and I'm definitely getting lardier for it.

I've been watching what I eat more the last couple of weeks and I'm thinking of using the Alli tablets to keep me really focused on what I eat (I'm very weak willed when yum yums are brought in to the equation) and also because without the added gym exercise I do I won't be losing/toning as well as eating sensibly. I've looked at the side effects and how it works and I think I've not got a bad idea of the tablet and it's FDA approved so that must count for something. I want to shift about a stone and a half in total.

What do you think? Has anyone used them and had a positive or negative experience?

I'm still toying with the idea so any feedback would be great.



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Aye Ed, I've read up about those... I'm thinking leaves and twigs have a limited fat content so I'll probably just eat those!
If you have a low fat diet you don't get the side effects but of course then they don't work.....

And have you seen the price of the things...
Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the pill??
Question Author
Don't think so rowan, from what I've understood, whatever fat you do ingest it will get rid of that but you can't go over a certain amount of fat otherwise you get dreadful side effects. Basically if you're on a low fat diet with exercise (I guess swimming will have to count) then for every 1lb/2 lb you lose, Alli will help you lose an extra 1lb that you would not have otherwise lost... me being a particularly impatient person can quite happily buy in to that idea!

However I'm still not completely sold on the idea so I'm interested in other peoples experience one way or the other. :c)
The cost alone puts me off. And then there is the problem of coming off the diet and having to have changed your habits to prevent it all going on again anyway. If you have to do that then the best these aids can do is speed up the loss, but ultimately you have to do without them.

For you, if you are normally active enough anyway, it may be an option if you are desperate not to have your weight go up and down again. But for most, might it not be better to take your time and lose the conventional way ? That way you have a chance of developing a taste for low fat foodstuffs and might find the higher flavour... er I mean higher fat stuff too greasy to be palatable ?
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That's pretty much exactly how I've been looking at it Old_Geezer.... And while my eating habits aren't that bad I'm afraid I will always prefer a bacon roll over a banana for breakfast! (Although I'll probably still eat the banana... begrudgingly! :c)
Before or after the bacon roll ?
Eddie's post alone has put me off them.

Question Author
How very dare you Mr Geezer! ;0)
China Doll, I used them last year and I lost a stone and a half which has stayed off. I had no nasty side effects or embarrassing accidents and it did get me in the habit of eating less fat, which I have kept to. I got them from Sterling Pharmacy online and it cost me a lot less than if I'd got them on the High Street. I don't usually give into fad diets and miracle pills but they really worked for me and I can't recommend them highly enough!
Karen x
Question Author
Thanks for that Karen and good for you! :c)

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