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Left handers

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Buzzie | 13:51 Thu 01st Oct 2009 | Body & Soul
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Approximately what percentage of people in the UK are left handed? I was told it was about 25% but there seem to be many more than that at my place of work. Also does the percentage vary by region / gender etc?



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90 to 93% of the adult population is right handed so I guess the correct answer would be that 10% of people are left handed although it's not an exact science as you obviously can't tell whether a baby is left or right handed and therefore the stats will waiver! I'm a lefty and love it!
My younger son and I are lefties, OH and older son are wrongies :)
My eldest daughter is left handed,myself,her dad and brother and sister are all right handed.We think she must have inherited it from my dad who was the only other left handed person in the family until she was born.I also have a few left handed nephews and nieces now. It still amazes me that it can be quite difficult to buy school and kitchen equipment etc. for lefties in this day and age.
Me too...
Winston Churchill was left handed also Paul Macca , both special people
in their own field ...and i'm also left handed but scissors are my bug bear !!!!
There's six of us in the bear family..............and we're all right-handed.

yogi the equalizing bear

I'm left handed, so is my sister & my daughter coggles.
David Gower was a famous left-handed batsman - but actually he was right-handed, batting was all he did with his left hand. So it can be hard to tell. I don't know if you'd even call him ambidesxtrous.

Anyone wanting left-handed scissors etc should try here
the link jno posted is a very good site,I've bought left handed items from them over the years.they also run a left handers club and e-mail new products and interesting news to members.I know a married couple who are both lefties and yet neither of their children are.Apparently this is fairly rare.
Very interesting question! I have always been interested why so many of the top tennis players are lefties. Would love to know why!
My mum is left handed but me, my father and brother are all right handed.

Saying that, although I write with my right hand, I have a lot of left handed tendancies such as eating. My mum eats the right handed way round though despite being left handed!?!?!

When I started to learn the guitar I started to play it left handed until my teacher made be learn right handed instead.

People say I wear my watch (right wrist) (left shoulder) and carry my bag the wrong way round though I always thought it was more personal choice.
Good lefty tennis players may have an advantage . Their serve and spin go the 'wrong' way. Most of their opponents are right-handed and won't encounter the leftie action as often as the right -handed. The lefty meets right-handers most of the time.
My ex is left handed. He can use both hands equally except for writing. He plays pool and darts with his right hand, but uses his tools (he's a carpenter) with whatever hand is more convenient but watching him trying write with his right hand is funny.

The only thing I can do with my left hand is pull someones hair....
I'm also a left footer!
"I was told it was about 25% but there seem to be many more than that at my place of work"

Lol. I was told that one in four people were Chinese but there's hardly any where I live.
Well I'm righhanded. However I have been married twice , both are left handed, sort of funny because their both builders, both same height ect!!!! talk about going for the same type!!!

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Left handers

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