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Sex drive(lack of)

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marryme | 21:29 Fri 08th Aug 2008 | Body & Soul
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I have been together with my fiancee for 4 years and we are going through a dry spell sexually, for the past 8 months or so. I'm a very sexual person and love making love to her, but she always seems to be too tired from work or not in the mood. She has no sex drive. I can make love to her up to 3 times a night easily. This is so frustrating for me, as we used to have a lot of sex. I have never strayed and nor will I ever. Its just that I love her and the sex with her makes me want more and more- she is the only woman I have been with and I crave for her.Is there any advise? What can I do to encourage her to want sex. Are there any foods or tablets that she can use?


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she may be stressed out or be feeling unattractive
Is she happy in the relationship? Does she find you as attractive, as you find her? Maybe the sex has become boring? Is she depressed about work or for some other reason? Or perhaps she just has a much lower sex drive than you.

Sex is always rampant at the beginning of a relationship, but often things tend to fizzle a bit, once the honeymoon period has worn off and the stresses and strains of regular life become the norm again.

There isn't much you can do to encouage her, if she doesn't fancy it, you will just have to settle for less or move on.
I reckon you will have to buy a furry glove ...... women, who needs them !!
That's a real shame. I feel for you (both).
I can suggest one thing to try.. Wake up during the night and try it on with her while she's asleep, this may sound odd or even horrid but it's not, your touch will get mixed up with her dream and arrouse her then wake her and bobs your uncle..

Got to be worth a try. I know it works from experience. lol
Oh yes! I second that post from Boogieboogie ! It does work ! Great way to be woken up too......absolutely wonderful......get it on....
It could just genuinely be she has something bothering her, try not to take it personally, she may be down about something, or not feeling very attractive about herself i.e. if she has put on a few pounds patient.
Oh dear, you say you could easily make love to her 3 times a night! I think it's you who needs the help, not her! I think you are being very selfish and disrespectful. Apart from the probable emtional aspect of her feeling you just want her for her body, many women simply can't physically cope with constant bombardment in that area of their bodies! We're not all prostitutes, you know!

I would suggest you back off - which you will do, if you genuinely love her . Show her that having a cuddle or holding hands is enough sometimes. She needs to be loved for herself, not for her body.

If you're not grown up enough to figure things out for yourself my friend, I would suggest you read 'Men are from Mars, Woment are from Venus'; an informative read for both sexes.
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Sex drive(lack of)

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