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snapdarlich | 02:36 Wed 24th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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Do you have one? Or know someone with one? I've just changed my ring from a 2.4mm ring to a 4mm ring. Feels massive but looks cool. Lol.

Not nearly as painful as the original piercing...but much easier than a tattoo....

and without going into detail...if you haven't got one....get one! LOL


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What is a prince albert piercing? a posh kind of nose ring?
Is it true that you have to sit down to pee?
You might think it looks cool.

I think it looks absolutely stupid.

But it's your body.
hope you're going to be ok going through airport security
He probably keeps a magnet in his pocket.

My mate has one.

It would be a physical impossibility for me to get one as far as I'm aware.
why did you find it necessary to have one?
Gina - it's not unusual for a man to give a ring to the one he loves.
nice one, Ethel...
I've nowhere to put one and I've never known anyone who has one - well, apart from yourself Snappy.

I'd like to have a close look at one - just cos I'm as curious as a cat about things I know nothing about....

....not sure if I'd fancy a boyfriend with one tho.....
What is it then and where does it go?
My ex had one. They were originally designed to tie the to the leg to prevent any embarassing incidents happening whilst Prince Albert was holding court.
They make boys wee in all sorts of different directions though.
Good grief! Makes my eyes water just thinking about it.
My friends hubby has gone up to an 8mm gauge. I like most piercings but on man bits I prefer the ampallang.
Got to ask...........................why the hell would anybody want metal through their bell end?

I find piercings pretty odd at the best of times, but through the knob!!!

Christ - I'd rather chew my own foot off.

I didn't know what an ampallang was goodsoulette so I just googled it....all I can say is OUCH!!!
Why would a man do that to himself?
Question Author doesn't set off airport security and I don't need to pee like a girl LOL. I've heard some horror stories like that though.
I like having it and don't regret it at all...suppose it's my body and if I'm happy....then that's fine!
I'd need micro surgery to give me a Prince Albert :-(

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Prince Albert Piercings...

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