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snapdarlich | 01:56 Wed 24th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
14 Answers never realise what you've got until it's gone. Life's kinda shi*t like that, don't you think?


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I agree snappy. Things i wanted to say to a family member, but left it too late.
Hiya snappy,what`s up mate?
Question Author's a lesson well's always better to forgive and forget....if you leave it too long it may be too late...I'm kicking myself now...but you never see it at the time, you know?

Hi you keeping? Och nowt's up much. I've just forgotten how lucky I am. That's life eh?
I know snappy. But I know she is there and yours are too. Don't do what I did and leave it. God bless hun x
I`m doing good snappy, long time no see, sorry to read your having a sh!ter,but I`m sure you`ll snap out of it (scuse the pun)

Ida...loved your soppy rolling stones song earlier
Question Author
I agree Elvis....Things will be right. I'm tired, and confused...but's it's no biggie...and blood's thicker than water....although I'm thicker than most! LOL....

Hope you're both well and thanks for replying!
No probs snappy,hope things work out okay for ya

btw..... cack heading
Elvis68, seemed the right thing at the time ;-)
Question Author
....yir a git....I hope you know that! (big broad grin from snappy!)
i think sometimes we dont realise what we have because we are too wrapped up.

but its not always for the worst .

sometimes you need a change to see things clearer .
because you've got it at the time. Its like the saying you never missed the water till the well went dry
well ive found for everytime in my life where theres been a major upset.
its usually been for the better .
as i move thru life i think ive gone from bad to better and so on.
so as i look at it things are improving everyday.

things can only get better believe me : - )
Are you referring to missing your smaller Prince Albert?
Question Author
Badum Tish!

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