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Girly stuff :(

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indieanna86 | 12:47 Wed 12th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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Today I am having monthly pains like you wouldn't believe, I took some paracetamol at about 9 this morning, how long should I wait before taking another lot? Not that they make much difference...:(

Also, how come girly hygiene products are always advertised as being sooooo discreet, and yet they always make such a racket when you try opening them!


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about 4 hrs usually between taking tablets. and who cares if they make a noise its a fact of life, sometimes I put tampon behind my ear and walk through office past everyone :-)
pmsl at 4get

indie have you tried ibuprofen? Its much better than paracetamol for period pains :) Hope they go away soon

I have never noticed the packaging making a noise but cos I have problems with my hands I often fit fitting those pads with the wings like something off the krypton factor lol
hmm i meant 'find fitting' not fit fitting lol, how come you only see your mistakes after you have pressed submit? :s
yer I agree with aka ibruprofen takes swelling down too which can be the cause of stomach pains. take 200mg ones. I cant use pads at all something about having a dirty towell strapped to me puts me off. luckily I can use tampons, but still wear big pants on that week. :-) You know what annoys me is when you go and by tampons and the checkout person quickly hides them grabs a seperate bag to sneek them into, what a waste.
Try a hot water bottle on tum as well.......(if you can ) i find it helps with mine and for crazy chick i have a good imagination and can just see someone doing that, breezing through the office with a 'cotton wool mouse' stuffed behind
4get you just reminded me of the time when i was a smoker. Years ago in a very crowded pub, i was yapping away, and fumbling in my handbag for my lighter at the same time! Yeah, you guessed it,mind elsewhere, i tried to light my ciggie with a tampon!
oh yer I've done impressions of Jimmy Saville with one too :-)
when we were in pub other week girls were being a bit wild and we knocked drinks over on table. Bar Staff are usually no beer mats about so my mate took sanitary towell out her bag and mopped it up and dropped it in ashtray :-)
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Thanks guys, lol 4get, I can just imagine the reaction I'd get in this place if I did that!

I'll have to try ibuprofen, are the pills quite big? Cos I am the worst person in the world for swallowing pills, lol

Also, I love it when buying tampons in the supermarket and being served by a young teenage boy - you can see them blush from a mile away!
hahaha me too lol

aww i know what you mean about pads 4get, but I also have real trouble using tampons too, I just cant get my hand in the proper position. lol im gonna shurrup now, this is rapidly turning into a way too much information post lol
if you get round ones they are about the size of a smarty and taste sweet too. and only cost about 40p :-)
yep way too much aka :-) maybe you can ask on here how to insert :-)
Oh god please NO!!! Im still waiting for my diazpam axa pixi!!! im nearing meltdown lol
I'm not girl but I've just read julie + 4get's tampon stories and reminded me of when one of my femail recruits fell backwards from the back of one of our lorries, as her pockets were undone there was an explosion of tampax when she hit the ground. I've never seen a face go so red so fast, and it taught her to keep her pockets done up!!
hmm I know the hows of it , I just cant manage it sometimes 4get.

you should have gotten the diazepam by now someguy, I wanged it into cyberspace a while ago. Maybe abuser caught it all and is keeping it for her/him/itself. Seriously though I hope you arent so stressed out you really do need tablets :(
when I was little and nits tits and naughty bits lady had given loads of tampons out at school I remember staying at my mates that night and we soaked some dried them on radiator then drew ears and noses on to make pet mice :-)
LMAO........... no axa im fine just joshing!! i think abuser might have intercepted them though!!! :)
I still do that know 4get..........whiles the hours away....there a bit like finger bobs!! (remember them!!)
well I was only 10 what do I want to know about yucky stuff for I'd rather have minnie and mickey to play with :-)
pmsl at the tits,nits and bits lady, never heard her called that before.

phew someguy, I thought you were kidding then really wasnt sure lol

The daftest thing I have seen a tampon used for is when I was a teenager and my mate (male) got his nose busted. His mum had nothing to stem the bleeding so she opened a tampon and told him to put it up his nose. There were about 5 of us there in his house and we all fell about laughing.

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Girly stuff :(

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