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Pet Names

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4getmenot | 12:35 Wed 12th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
18 Answers
What pet name does your partner have for you or you for your partner? Or for any single people what pet names have you been called?


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my man calls me zebra sounds quite sweet but its coz i'm as white as can be with loads of stretch marks from having my son i call him spud cause he's always covered in dirt (is a builder)
haha great question, my fella calls me loads of names, most of which i couldnt post on here lol

He calls me shelf elf a lot cos Im little and my names chelle which is where my pixi username came from lol
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My bloke calls me princess. I have been called cow pat and nnodles by exes. God knows why.
A few of my friends used to call me Chip which I liked, and a boy I used to live with used to call me shephaphazard, which I also quite liked. My boyfriend barely calls me by name though let alone a pet name!
Princess, noodle, yummyness, angel...all of which i found fairly embarassing...
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why did he call you noodle nannon? mine was from the advert fancy a quick noodle
we call each other "sweetie".
Duncs at school as it was part of my surname.........and for others usually 'poppet' or 'chicken' :)
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glad you spelt that right jane :-)
When I met Mr Overall in the 1980's I had a bizarre hairstyle. I thought I looked like one of Bananarama (I didn't!) and got through copious amounts of hair gel & spray. Mr O nicknamed me Spike and the name has stuck.
They call me Donkey!! :-)
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very good ratter :-)
Dont listen to Ratter, eeyore eeyore eeyoreways says that.
I think it was because i was obsessed with noodles whenever i was drunk....i threw a massive tantrum one night when i didnt have any....
Nicknames for me have been - George, Poppet, Sex Kitten, Cutlet, Melons - present b/f calls me 'baby' alot (boring) and 'sweet cheeks' lol !

I call my b/f 'Mr Grumpy Gills' and have called an ex 'fruit bat' before !
My user name is my hubby's pet name for me, with a long and pointless explanation that I won't bore you with.... I'm usually Flaky - sounds like a health complaint but isn't!
My hubby calls me pixie when he's being loving or his little nest of vipers when he's being agrivating. Just calls me by my first name if we're having a tiff!

I call him smelly bum!
I get called smelly :os

I assure you I'm anything but!

Also hun, darling, sweetheart but mainly smelly!

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