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Naming Pet Goats

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Supernick | 13:44 Wed 28th Mar 2007 | Body & Soul
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A friend is getting some new pet goats and can't think of names. Come on punsters and comedians, I want some good names for them....


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Small Beard (Goatee, very good I think)

Graham (Becaause Graham the Goat sounds like Shaun the sheep)

Derek (Because it is an underused name)

Doofa (Because I had a cat called Doofa, 'cos he would do for that and and do for this)

billy the kid
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Joeminter - I am very fond of calling animals sensible human names. I had a cat called Kevin, and it was a joy to see the bemused looks on other people's faces, when they asked why i didn't call it something crap like Sooty.
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4getmenot - you're a legend
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Not bad pa____ul
Lovely 4get is still in the lead though
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Cabrito and Chevon.

Or the less insensitive:

Gordon/Gladys the Wonder Goat
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how about:


do you get the drift?
My cat is called Tony - although its actually short for Fatone (Fat tony or fat one)

Gerald is a nice goat name

Do you know how many they are getting?
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Actually, Billy the Kid, is so close to Billy Goat that I'm not sure if it's original enough

abat n toir
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2 goats.

Abbott and Toir are not going to fly, I don't think.
I knew a goat who was simply named "Goat" everyone knew him by his name so he felt popular!!!!!
Hi supernick how spooky my friend had two cat's one was called kevin after kevin keegan and the other one was called sooty i think William is a good name for the goats my basset hound is called burt love megan
Dave. Or Roy.
Du Rhone

there must be plenty more where these came from but they escape me at the moment
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So you didn�t like Cabrito or Chevon then?

How about�..

Vincent Van Goat
Augoat Renoir

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Naming Pet Goats

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