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muchlovex | 12:12 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone been to a spiritualist of medium to contact a loved one? If so, have they worked.?


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I have been to see a few, mostly they have been a bit vague and seemed to be making it up as they went along. But one I saw was right on the money, she told me things no one could possibly guess or know. And compared to the others I had seen I know she was in contact with my mum. Unfortunately it is trial and error til you find a good one
never been there to contact Loved one you should never go to them with someone in mind you want to talk to, as they will very rarely come through. But yes I have been to spiritual evening and seen a medium but not because I believe in it all, but it is interesting. And yes people did come through.
If you are wanting to see you mum again, just keep thoughts in your head and keep looking at pics, if she wants to come through then she will do.
I had an appointment with one last week but when I got there I found a note on the door saying " closed due to unforseen circumstances"
Of course they dont work, how on earth could they, its a load of Hocus Pocus nonsense!!
Sorry muchlovex, that was a bit harsh!!
shame on you I think she's just trying to seek comfort in anything she can at moment.
when you have just lost someone, some people find it hard to cope and just want to find some sort of comfort. I think if you feel that this would help you then go along. Obviously you have people who say its a load of rubbish and they are entitled to their opinons.
I have been to spiritualist church and have seen people who could be talking about anyone and i have seen people who are spot on. Either way its down to the individual and if you think it will help heal your grieving process then go. Sometimes just the peace and quiet of the church can be just as comforting.
Absolute bunkum. If there was a way to talk to dead people there would be no such thing as an unsolved murder. Just ask the victim who did it.
We could also ask the victims still on the moors where exactly are they.
Sorry to be blunt but is just a way of extorting money from gullible people.
interesting reading on this topic. l
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Thank you 4getmenot and Trueblue and all of you other nice people who have put in their own options.

I don't feel ready at this present time to see a medium however, I will visit at some point in the future. When I feel more mentally stronger.

most spiritualists/mediums do not charge or make money from speaking at the churches.
Its usually the charlatans that make money and give a bad name.
I say if it helps some people to get through grief or gives them hope that it doesn't all stop when we die then let them believe.
Ahhh because people that have been murdered havnt passed on properly so cant send messages :-)
I'll state right now, that I don't believe that any mediums or spiritualists are anything more than charlatans, but that's not really the point I want to make.

People seek comfort through various means after a loved one dies, and that's entirely understandable because it's a terribly traumatic experience to go through. I wouldn't wish to rubbish anyone's beliefs at that kind of time in their lives, but would always advise caution. There are a lot or people in the world who will use people at a vulnerable time to to gain money for their own purses. I think that there are plenty of 'mediums' out there who will pocket your cash whilst coming across very caring, and helping you very little. Rather than talking to them, would it be more advisable to speak with friends, family or a professional councillor to help you deal with your feelings of grief and loss?
or they didn't believe when they was on this earth and now have no way of coming back...........
muchlovex, my Mum is a spiritualist and my advice to you would be to leave things for the time being. A Spirit takes many years before they are ready to come through., It doesnt happen this quickly! I also think you are very vulnerable this soon after a loss like you have experienced!
I know exactly how you feel though having lost my Dad. I wanted messages from him but it was a few years before i got some from a very good medium. It did help me though i have to say. It was the right thing for me to do at the time, it gave me comfort and a sense of hapiness knowing that my Dad was happy!

When the time is right you must find a good one though because there are a lot of duffs out there willing to take your money for no information. I have also been to one of these and you feel very disappointed when you come out.

In the meantime, maybe you might take some comfort in visiting a spiritualist church, go and talk to someone about your feelings. They are always willing to help.

bless you , love JulesXXX
4get - Could you ask the medium a very specific question, such as "What was my mother's maiden name?". Should be fairly easy for the 'spirit' to give a pretty conclusive answer. If a spirit can say "I love you and I'm still proud of you", then they should be able to answer a couple of straight factual questions :) Do you think?
sorry to be pedantic 4get but how does one pass on properly.

I believe we live we die, full stop.
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hello unrulyjulie.

I was thinking about going to a spiritual church however I don't know what they do.

How did your mum become a medium?
was joking about that spock. and super nick some I have been to give names with suranmes and ages of passing etc. muchlove make sure you dont pay for a didgy one find out if you have a local spiritual group where they get different meduims in that will only ask for a donation if you are happy enough with what you heard.

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