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stylinsam | 10:40 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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last night i went to bed and was asleep for about 45mins and i woke up feeling sick, this morning i dont feel sick but i have really bad back ache and a headache! im not due on cant think what it could be xx


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Have you been drinking plenty of water?

If not, you could be suffering from de-hydration.

You should go to your GP.
That's a shame stylinsam , hope you will feel better soon :-)
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i was fine all yesterday and as i say it just came on me last night i feel awful today :(
anything that could be letting of poisonous gasses in your home, gas leak, carbon monoxide etc. Not too sure about back ache on that one
p r e g n a n t ???????? ;�)
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thanks for tha rugeley made me feel loads better!! :P
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iv had a bit of diahoria to though, 4get i dnt think it could be that cos my bf has no symptomsxx
you share a bed!! Oh how naughty
All those symptoms can be caused by stress, pregnancy, intoxication, dehydration, a tummy bug/food intolerance, or even perhaps bowel spasms/IBS. If the symptoms persist, see your GP.
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do you think i should go home from work ?
Thats up to you isnt it we dont know how sick you're feeling
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iv been sick 3 es since been at work now its coming out both ends :(
Then go home.

Of course, a man would strive on regardless!
There is a lot of this going around,hopefully it will leave you later on as just a bug.

If you still feel like it for another day contact the Dr.
if its sickness a dior,dhior, .......the poo's then there is a bug going a round as my children and my wife had it last week!!!........... and if im not wrong you are pretty local to me?

i also had it but as octavius has already said............. i carried on regardless!!

ps...i still think your pregnant!!! ;�)
ON the way home, get some imodium for the diarrhea and some diarhlyte for the dehydration you will be suffering from the sickness and diarrhea. I had a nasty stomach bug this time last week......luckily it was only a 24 hour thing so hopefully yours is too.
Hmm, I wouldn�t recommend Diarolyte � although it�s up to you of course � as it has the tendency to solidify the poop and thus clog up the diarrhoea and passages where in fact you need to flush it out.

So drink plenty of water to replenish lost fluids and flush out the nasty bits and pieces, no fruit or dairy stuff and just eat dry toast when hungry until it passes.

Although why you would accept the medical opinion of us lot is beyond my comprehension. There are people in the world far more qualified to give you an opinion and a recommended treatment. Not sure, but I think they are called doctors. Anyway, check out your Yellow Pages, you might find one there.
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Octavius, did you mean avoid the diarlyte or the imodium?
I was prescribed the imodium for the diarrhea and the diarlyte for dehydration. Either way its quite worrying when your doctor prescribes you something that could make it worse for you! lol Glad I didnt bother with either in the end!

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