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muchlovex | 12:12 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone been to a spiritualist of medium to contact a loved one? If so, have they worked.?


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Thank you unruliejulie. x
I'd like to say I'm not attacking anyone's beliefs by the way :) As stated, people find comfort in different ways, I just think there are better ways of doing so.

I think it's great that people all believe different things. I can't PROVE that all mediums are lying in the same way that I can't PROVE that when people die we're reincarnated immediately as woodlice. But I do choose to believe things that CAN be proved, or that our continually improving scientific boundaries indicates are the most likely scenarios.

But good luck muchlovex with whatever comfort you find. Just be warned that some people can be wolves in sheep's clothing.
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Thank you for your advice supernick.

When I feel the time is right for me I will contact a medium through recommendation. I am thinking about joining a Spiritual church..I could go with my sister.
perfectly put supernick!!!
Houdini proved all the mediums he encountered were lying.
muchlovex - I do sincerely feel for you. I lost my fiancee in an accident many years ago and during the same year lost 2 friends and a relative I was desperate to make contact and tried loads of things none of which worked.
Go to a spiritialist church as they will provide sympathy and comfort but don't go to anyone you have to pay as some - not all - are con artists. But do be prepared for no results or to treat contact with scepticism.
I have since been to mediums with friends but contact with people I know has never been made - and I have so many friends and relatives on the 'other side' now some of who I know would make contact if it were possible - however I have been contacted by several 'relatives' who I didn't know existed, and as geneology is a hobby I would know about them believe me.

If you want to 'contact' your Mum try this method that someone told me this and I found very comforting. Write the things you want to say to your mum on a piece of paper then take it somewhere safe and set fire to it - picture the smoke carrying the message to your Mum. A funny little ritual but it really did help.

Big hug for you at this vulnerable time ((((((X)))))
Oh and Doc Spock - when someone has just lost their Mum they are not 'sensible' just adrift. Give muchlovex a break, it's not like you to be so unsympathetic.
A sensible question for Julie. Just how does one become a"qualified" healer.
Do you start with a toothache and work your way up to cancers.

I apologise if this sounds awful but I cant think of another way to pose the question.
Great reply Hellion.
I sympathise with anyones loss. Don't think hocus pocus is the answer though.
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Hello Hellyon,
I am so sorry for your loss.

Thank you for your very kind words and advice. I will try the writing suggestion. It sounds like a good idea.

When mum was in the Chapel of rest I wrote a letter to her - I wonder if she knows what I wrote?

I miss her soo much. - She passed away on the 18th June 2007.
doc i think enough is enough - do you not think that muchlove is going through enough grief at the moment with losing her mum to have you ridicule her.
Seriously you might as well slap her around the face while your at it.
Write another thread of your own to continue your discussion, as it is a worthy topic - just not on this thread.
Question Author
Thank you True Blue.

I am not ridiculing anyone, I have lost both parents I know the grief from 1st hand experience.

I do however ridicule the belief in spiritalism.
Have you seen all the ads on the RHS . Must be money in it.
I am sorry for your loss muchlovex I lost my mum some time ago now, all I can say to you is with time it gets easier to cope. I talk out loud to my mum all the time, sometimes Iget the feeling she is there. It also helps to talk to a picture of your mum, and remember she will always live on in your heart.
work calls back 8 ish.
It is something that is developed over a period of time Doc Spock and you have to be quailfied as you are effectively treating people! You need to be in tune with the spirit world. There are many rules and regulations that come with the training so no, you do not work your way up from a toothache to cancer and i find that very patronising!

healing is not about "curing" illness like cancer. That is impossible as any healer will tell you! I am no expert as i said, i just know what i am told, not the ins and outs of the training process so if you really want to know and are not just posting this to try and make me look like a fool, i suggest you use your google toolbar and go find out some facts!
Of course she knows what you wrote - just because she's not here and you can't see her doesn't mean she's not here. She is in your head, every thought she shared with you, every conversation you both had, every hug, she is in you genetic make up and she lives on in you and your children (if you have any).
Talk to her and write her notes it will help at the moment - the only thing that will make it truly easier to bear is time - and that is the one thing you can not hurry.
When Chris died I thought about him literally every minute of every day and I though the pain would never go away - it was over 20 years ago now and I now have a lovely husband and son and until I today I probably hadn't thought about him in several months.

Big hug x
Hi Katherine, I don't know much about it, and have not read all the answers, all I will say is, leave it a little while untill you have come to terms with your loss a lot of people find comfort in visiting mediums, spiritualists etc, people will scoff and say it is all crap, that i don't know, but I do know if it helps you then do it, just be careful where you go, take care, thinking of you, speak soon, Ray xx

Doc, why don't you leave it, muchlove is grieving enough without you taking the p!ss.

Julie and the others I am sure you have been a great comfort to Kath.
i've been and they tell me spot on informtation about my kids and life etc but not once have they ever mentioned either of my parents which are both deceased.

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