bread soda in water in kettle ..made cuppa drank half......

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chinadoll | 23:21 Tue 01st May 2007 | Body & Soul
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I put the kettle for a cuppa. unknownst to me my partner had put a spoonful of soda in to clean it ....I made a cuppa from it and after a few mouthfulls of it realized it didnt taste right and threw it away. wont do me any harm will it? kettle was a plastic one (not a cheapie) will the soda damage any of the construction/seals in it?


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I don't think it will, if you google it, various answers come up with relation to using it in cooking.

I am no brainbox when it comes to cooking ingredients though so I may have got it wrong. Have you checked the packet? If it's dangerous surely it would say it on the packet...
If baking soda,no problem-you can brush your teeth with the stuff!

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bread soda in water in kettle ..made cuppa drank half......

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