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Russell Brand ...

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naz_nomad | 23:11 Sun 28th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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Would you ever, ever get tired of slapping that prat?


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Afraid so

Id rig up some sort of automated "slapping" device, so I could get some kip, and rest up to be fresh to continue.
Slap? That's a bit tame!!

I want to kick the knobs head in....
-- answer removed --
I think he is a total #!@k*r The biggest T@*% to walk the earth.

So No I could knock 10 bells/ Barrels out of him forever more!!!

Plus take a head shaver to that Rats nest on top of his bonce.
dont like him then spurs!!
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I thought the idea of a stand-up comedian is that they're supposed to be funny?

If I didn't cut, or brush my hair for 6 months, and then spent my life shouting at people in a 'Barry Scott' esque way, then I'd be as hilarious as he is?
He just looks like such a dirty scruffy beggar in need of a good shave, wash and haircut!
It's the make up that gets me down. How the hell did he get famous?
Personally, I wouldn't waste my energy on him... but I would gladly pay someone else to give him a damn good kicking...
I cannot watch the fool, what does anybody find funny in that total idiot!!!!

He should be put down, but I expect his Mother loves him though, someone must!!!
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Hiya Ratter ...we're your ears burning last night? uestion356281.html
he is minging , unfunny, scruffy and prances about
like Laurence Llewellyn Bowen
i would cheerfully gag him any day
why does he get so much female attention
-- answer removed --
I don't believe I would ever tire of it- when can I start and we'll see if I'm right?!
I have been told by many people im funnier than he is

his jokes are always the same
I don't like his dress sense much but the thing I just can't believe is that despite being trashed in national newspapers about joking about victims of childhood cancer, he still didn't have the guts to apologise to the family of the featured girl who'd died of cancer aged just 15 or so. It wouldn't have troubled him one bit to say that it was misjudged to upset that particular family, but he's just too arrogant to lose face and that's cowardly. He makes me s1ck and I can't believe Ka\e Moss (or anybody) ever had anything to do with him. Sorry for that rant!
I'm reminded of that scene in one of the Airplane films where people are queuing up with various implements, waiting to bash a hysterical woman...

ummmm: baseball bat... spurslady: shovel... naz: piece of wood with nails in the end etc. etc. ;o)
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i like him, but i do find the constant going on about his dinkle and ball bags every single episode a bit tedious - the show is supposed to be about bb, but he just witters on far too much

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Russell Brand ...

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