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topogigo | 10:55 Mon 22nd Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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Let me say firstly that i am a pacifist and that i abhore any kind of violence. My point is that a friend of mine who was raped, dressed in my mind inapropriately, short skirt low top etc. Now i see no reason why someone should therefore think that she is up for sex, but it creates in some unreasonable ba***rds that image. People will say you should be able to dress as you wish without fear but if you were walking around with your money on display, hanging out your pockets or leaving your phone on a table you would expect to get it pinched and then people will say " It's your own fault." yet the principle is the same. I am not saying "serves you right !" to the victims of rape, but anyone that considers what i have said, before they fire back at me without thinking, should agree with my thoughts, especially if it stops someone being raped. If girls do wish to go out dressed provocatively, stay with their friends or go out with their mum.


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Anyone who tells me to agree with their thoughts ......
You know - the sun don't shine mate!
im glad your not my friend.
You're thought's are very confined in there scope - you should really see this problem (rape ETC ) from more angles than you have in you very limited view at present.
Ie Comparing theft with rape.
Good luck - i think you'll need it
Crete - are you refering to me??
no . to the poster. mix.
Someone attempted to rape me once.....

I was wearing.....

Long Coat

What a turn on eh?
ummmm, im sad to hear that,attire has nothing to do with the crime that is rape in my oppinion its a gross act of violence.
Hey Crete - if you've a girl, fancy a drink sometime??
Please dress inappropriately and bring your Mum!!

The crime and the blame and the fault of the deplorable act that is 'rape' lies within the perpertrator and there experiences which led them to being a rapist and not at the fault of the victim.
Poster please refer to dictionary for the menaing of the word 'victim'.
Furthermore your post is not a question
hi mix. i do believe we are of the same opinion, i would not know how to dress inappropriately. and oh how i wish i could bring my mum........ be well
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Can i firstly say that you have mearly ransacked my post to have a conversation and not a discussion. You have not grasped what i am saying have you, you poor fools, i knew someone would answer like you two have. I say again the animals are out there, look at Ipswich! Girls, and should i say it Guys, cos i am sorry to point it out but guys get raped as well you know, don't put yourself in a vulnerable position. Is that concept so hard to grasp?????
topo, sorry if the answers were not what you expected.
a woman or girl should be allowed to wear what they want when they want, and its mostly women dressed normally, that are attacked by these sick individuals
topo...I hope you do not include me in that just because I disagreed with you ? ? ?

Sicko's are sicko's no matter what a girls wears.

Also....a vulnerable postion for a being a girl
To the poster.
I'm done with this!
I suggest you research the subject area and psychological profiling of the individuals concerned in this unfortunate area of crime before you go recommending people go drinking with their mums and that people agree with your thoughts on the matter.
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Were it so simple! Who have you got a chance of expecting to act in a responsible manner, the rapists or the victims? Why find this such a puzzle? I tell you what, why don't you go around encouraging 14 year old girls to walk about dressed inapropriately. No! it doesn't happen does it!! Why? because they would be making themselves vulnerable. Do you think adult girls are any different? Do you imagine that i don't know that girls dressed for work also get raped? You prove my point when you say it is the rapists who are at fault, but don't bother asking them to change their lifestyle it will never happen! As i say you can't reason with unreasonable people!!!!

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