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All alone

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4getmenot | 15:25 Wed 17th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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What makes you an orphan is it when you lose both parents? Or when you lose you whole family? And at what age do you stop becoming an orphan?


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when you lose both parents. I think orphan is a name given to those under 16 but of course youd then be an orphan forever.
Definitely both parents, but I couldn't define what age 4get.
Some reading matter for you....

Sadly, you become an orphan when both your parents have passed away.

Oh, how I miss my dear Mum & Dad.
Question Author
yer I didnt think it could be the whole family coz Orphan Annie still had her uncle
My Dad lost both his parents when he was 56 and he said he felt like an orphan. My Mum had lost both her parents by the time she was 31 and she says she still feels like an orphan and she's 76 now.
Question Author
Oh no it wasnt her uncle was it, he was daddy swarbucks ??? wasnt it
anniewas an orphan x

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All alone

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