Not enough info ???

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gasman | 11:29 Wed 08th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Why do some people ask a question, but then do not put enough info into the question to be able to give a correct answer ? And then when you ask for more info, they never post again, so they end up not getting an answer to there question. And you feel like you have wasted your time trying to help someone out. Grrr.. Any body else had this experience ?


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What do you mean by 'not put enough info into the question'? It's pretty hard to give you an answer unless you provide a bit more context.
are you having a bad day gasman?
yes, or when you and others have given good answers and they don't rate the answers, seems ungrateful. Even worse, is when there are several 'correct' answers and only one is rated. Makes you wonder, why bother? Infact if I pondered that one for too long, I probably wouldn't! : )
Yes! Like people who say:
"how long is a flight to france?"

"do I need a passport to travel to UK"

Do they think we are mindreaders!?
It's more annoying when people don't use full stops. You have to keep re reading the question to make sure you've read it the right context
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lmao @ waldoMcfroog. and no spk not having a bad day :o) . chazza what am i thinking ??? lol
It is nippy I must admit. Some folk are too vague and dont actually seem to come back in and read their answers, dont see that youve asked for more info so you have wasted your time.

The ones that wind me up are all that wierd text abbreviated words. can folk not type proper english anymore? Tsk see these kids nowadays..
oh yes, quite often...such as the best gardening ones..... 'what's this plant called? it's got leaves & white flowers....'

Thanks for the stars! : )
I dont like the people that say blah blah blah what is your opinion?. You give it and then only if they agree with you do they give stars even when they asked evryones opinion.

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Not enough info ???

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