can hair clean itself if you don't wash it?

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Blinky | 11:52 Wed 08th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Just wondering...not planning on doing it or anything but was just discussing it with a colleague this morning!


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If you don't clean your hair for a certain amount of time then hair will naturally clean itself.

The smell however would be terrible.
Yes but it takes quite a while. I had a friend who done this after watching something on telly. It goes through loads of horrible stages. Greasy, smelly etc. The end result was lovely glossy hair.......I wouldn't do it though!
I don't know about 'clean itself' but apparantly, after approx 6 weeks, hair does balance itself i.e. oils etc. I've been told that it'll look great, good body/shine etc. But the getting to 6 weeks without washing must be hell!
Oh yea..and you can't use swimming pools because the chlorine strips the natural oils and puts you back to square one!
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Thanks everyone! It seems a lot more effort to not wash your hair then it does to wash it!
my ex bf didnt wash his hair for a good 3 years, and the only time it smelled was after a visit to the pub or a smokey atmosphere, remedied by rinsing with water thoroughly. other than that it did not smell.

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can hair clean itself if you don't wash it?

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